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    The Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center (DDC) assists GI researchers by organizing core facilities that provide expert services, assays, and advice that are not readily available. Core topics and core directors are as follows:
    DDC Core
    Directors and Co-Directors
    A. Administrative The Administrative Core provides governance, financial and operational management, and strategic planning functions for the DDC.

    Mary K. Estes, Ph.D.,

    Hashem El-Serag, M.D., M.P.H.
    B. Cellular and Molecular Morphology The Morphology Core provides expertise, equipment and procedures relevant to GI research, makes available its specialized laboratory facilities to GI researchers, and aims to develop new tests that may be useful in clinical and basic research.

    Milton J. Finegold, M.D.,
    Sridevi Devaraj, Ph.D., Associate Director
    Michael Mancini, Ph.D.Associate-Director
    Cecilia Ljungberg, Ph.D.,

    C. Functional Genomics and Microbiome Core The Functional Genomics Core seeks to stimulate research in infection and injury states affecting the intestine and liver. James Versalovic, M.D. Ph.D.,
    Lisa White, Ph.D., Co-Director
    Joeseph Petrosino, Ph.D.

    D. Integrative Biology The Integrative Biology Core provides training and service to DDC members and their research staff. Lenard M. Lichtenberger, Ph.D.,
    Sundararajah Thevananther, Co-Director
    E. Study Design & Clinical Research The Study Design and Clinical Research Core promotes the use of appropriate study design, statistical analyses, and interpretation for clinical and basic science investigators and assists basic science investigators in acquiring clinical specimens to facilitate their research. David Graham, M.D.,
    Hashem B. El-Serag, M.D., M.P.H.,
    Co Director
    Fasiha Kanwal M.D.

    Please credit the "NIH/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, Center Grant P30 DK56338" in publications resulting from core usage or pilot funds.