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    Core D: Integrative Biology Core Services

    Lenard M. Lichtenberger, Ph.D., Director 713-500-6320
    Sundararajah Thevananther, Co-Director 832-824-3753
    Robia Pautler, Ph.D., Collaborator  713-798-3892
    Karen Uray, Ph.D., Assistant Director 713-500-6196
    Christopher Smith, D.V.M., Associate Director 713-500-4491

    Major Core Services:

    1. Animal surgery of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract
    2. Physiological measurements of GI properties (secretion, digestion, absorption/transport and motility) utilizing both in vivo and in vitro systems
    3. Help develop animal models of digestive diseases
    4. Use of a computerized fluoroscopic imaging technique to monitor the contractile activity of the GI tract
    5. Non-invasive in vivo animal  imaging
    6. Supplies primary hepatocytes

    Please credit the "NIH/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, Center Grant P30 DK56338" in publications resulting from core usage or pilot funds.

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