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    Core D: Integrative Biology Core

    Lenard M. Lichtenberger, Ph.D., Director
    Sundararajah Thevananther, Co-Director
    Robia Pautler, Ph.D., Collaborator 
    Karen Uray, Ph.D., Assistant Director
    Christopher Smith, D.V.M., Associate Director

    The Integrative Biology Core provides training and service to the members of the Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Research Core Center (DDC) and their research staff in:

    1.  Animal surgery of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract
    2.  Physiological measurements of GI properties utilizing both in vivo and in vitro systems
    3.  The development of animal models of digestive diseases
    4.  Cell isolation
    5.  Whole animal imaging techniques to non-invasively detect functional and anatomical abnormalities, and to monitor the traffic and distribution of biomarkers, drugs and microorganisms

    Drs. Lichtenberger and Weisbrodt, are members of the Department of Integrative Biology & Pharmacology of the University of Texas-Houston Medical School with expertise in the field of GI physiology and pharmacology, specializing in the in vivo and in vitro models of GI secretion, barrier function and GI smooth muscle function, and have developed a number of animal models in their laboratories to study pathophysiological mechanisms of digestive diseases. Dr. Mercer, Director of the NIH funded Trauma Research Center has agreed to serve as a Co-Director, and together with Dr. Smith, will bring expertise in animal surgery to the Core and provide assistance and training to members of the Center whose research requires animal surgery. Dr. Thevananther will provide a valuable service to members of the DDC who require isolated rodent hepatocytes for culture or other in vitro studies. A new service offered to members of the DDC, due to the recruitment of Dr. Sevick-Muraca as an Associate Director, and Dr. Pautler, is the use of sophisticated whole animal imaging to non-invasively detect alterations in structure and function, and to monitor the movement of molecular tracers in the “state of the art” Frensley Center for Imaging Research. The Integrative Biology Core aims to assist the members of the Center in the development of the required techniques utilizing laboratory animals and tissues to accomplish their research goals. In addition to the Directors, the services of an experienced Animal Physiological & Surgical Technician will provide hands on training of members of the DDC in accordance to a prioritization schedule to assure the development of junior investigators. The staff of the Integrative Biology Core will also serve to facilitate interactions and collaborations between members of the Center.

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