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Diabetes Center

Houston, Texas

The Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center at BCM is located in the Margaret M. Alkek Building for Biomedical Research
Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center
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Gene Vector Core


photo of the gene vector core labDelivering genes of interest into specific target cells is an important technology for studying the functions of genes. The core is specialized in viral vector production for gene transfer in cell culture as well as in animals.


We are currently producing:

  • First-generation adenovirus (FGAd)
  • Helper-dependent adenoviral vector (HDAd)
  • Adeno-associated viral vector (AAV, serotype 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8)
  • VSVG-pseudotyped lentiviral vector (LV) with second-generation or third-generation packaging systems
  • Ecotropic retrovirus (RV)

Postdoctoral associate Rong Yin Li with centrifuge and pipetteViral vectors are produced and purified by basic protocols. Infectious titer of viral vectors is subject to an additional charge. Cloning assistance is provided in rare circumstances. The core has various expression cassettes and basic shuttle vectors for expression of your genes including shRNA. There is no additional charge for packaging plasmids and helper virus.


Gene Vector Core Fees 2011-2012
Service Scale Price
FGAd Transfection, Amplification, Purification 24 X 15 -cm dish $2,198
FGAd Amplification, Purification 24 X 15 -cm dish $1,300
FGAd Plaque Purification and expansion 1 vector $620
HDAd Transfection, Amplification, Purification 2 liter suspension $3,203
HDAd Amplification, Purification 2 liter suspension $1,638
AAV Transfection, Purification, Titration of Vector Genome 20 X 15-cm Dish $1,655
LV or RV Transfection, Purification 2 X 15-cm Dish $667
Infectious Titer of AAV or Ad Vector n/a $451
Infectious Titer of LV or RV n/a $492

Plasmid Rescue and Maxi Prep n/a $440
LV-shRNA Cloning n/a $1,054
Other Cloning n/a $Inquire

Note: Special discounts are available for DRC investigators.

Rana Razook, a research technicianContact

Visit the Viral Vector Production Core Laboratory web site.

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