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Center for Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research

Houston, Texas

Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research Center
CIBR Center for Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research
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CIBR Center Faculty members

Baylor College of Medicine: A-G H-M N-Z
Affiliated Institutions:
MD Anderson Cancer Center Rice University TCH TMH University of Houston UTHSC

Baylor College of Medicine

Name Departmental and Center Affiliations Areas of Research Interest
aagaard-tillery Aagaard-Tillery, Kjersti M.,M.D., Ph.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology -
Genevera Allen, Genevera, Ph.D. NRI Statistical modeling of dependencies in high-dimensional biological data
Aiden, Erez, Ph.D. Molecular and Human Genetics How are the genomes of humans and other organisms folded, in three dimensions, inside the nucleus of a functioning cell? How is this folding process controlled? And how does this folding process, in turn, regulate other cellular processes?
Angelaki, Dora, Ph.D. Neuroscience The main research goal of our laboratory is to understand the mechanisms underlying multisensory integration for sensory processing and spatial navigation.
baldwin Baldwin, Philip, Ph.D. HNL Lab page
Barth Barth, Patrick, Ph.D. Pharmacology Signaling mechanisms across biological membranes by computational modeling, design and experimental biophysics
Lab page
belmont Belmont, John, Ph.D. Genetics Structural congenital heart defects including abnormalities in laterality and hypoplastic left heart syndrome; functional studies of Zic3; genetics of human immune responses; medical population genetics.
blaney Blaney, Susan, M.D. Pediatrics and ICTR -
Bonnen Bonnen, Penelope, Ph.D. HGSC -
boyd Becnel, Lauren, Ph.D. BRC Lab page
chen Chen, Rui, Ph.D. HGSC Functional genomics of visual system development and diseases; High throughput technology; Bioinformatics.
Lab page
Chiu Chiu, Wah, Ph.D. Biochemistry Structural and Computational Biology of Biological Machines.
Lab page
Creighton Creighton, Chad, Ph.D. DCC Lab page
cooney Cooney, Austin, Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology -
dabaghian Dabaghian, Yuri, Ph.D. NRI Modeling spatial learning and memory in the hippocampus and in the parietal cortex
Lab page
DeMayo DeMayo, Francesco, Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology -
Donehower, Larry, Ph.D. HGSC The primary focus of our laboratory is to understand the functions of the p53 signaling pathway in preventing cancer initiation and progression. The p53 suppressor gene is the most frequently mutated gene observed in human cancers and is considered a universal cellular stress responder. We employ a variety of methods to study the p53 function including cell and molecular studies, studies on genetically altered mice and genomic, transcriptomic and bioinformatics studies on human cancers.
eagleman Eagleman, David, Ph.D. Neuroscience Lab page
gabbiani Gabbiani, Fabrizio, Ph.D. Neuroscience Biophysics of information processing in the nervous system.
Lab page
gibbs Gibbs, Richard, Ph.D. HGSC The Human Genome Project; molecular basis of human genetic diseases; molecular evolution.
Lab page
golding Golding, Ido, Ph.D. Biochemistry Spatio-temporal dynamics in living cells.
Lab page
guan Guan, Grant, Ph.D. NRI Statistical methods for disease mapping and detecting epistatic interactions; computational methods for large data sets and complex structures (trees and graphs).
Lab page
hilsenbeck Hilsenbeck, Susan, Ph.D. BRC Lab page
Hollister, Emily, Ph.D. Pathology My current research projects are aimed at improving our understanding of microbial communities in the context of the human microbiome, the factors that govern their distribution across space and time, the ways in which they function, and their variation with respect to disease and health
Jankowsky, Joanna, Ph.D. Neuroscience -
Justice, Monica, Ph.D. Program in Developmental Biology
My research uses mouse genetics and genomics to assign functions to mammalian genes by exploiting the fact that genes and whole chromosome regions are conserved between the mouse and human
kosten Kosten, Thomas, M.D. Neuroscience -
Lanz, Rainer, Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology -
leal Leal, Suzanne, Ph.D. Genetics Statistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology.
Lab page
li Li, Wei, Ph.D. DCC A Genomic View of Epigenetic and Transcriptional Regulation.
Lab page
Lichtarge Lichtarge, Olivier, M.D., Ph.D. Genetics Rational perturbation of networks through evolution-guided protein engineering.
Lab page
lisewski Lisewski, Andreas Martin, Ph.D Genetics Lab page
liu Liu, Zhandong, Ph.D. NRI Developing computational models of biological data leading to better understanding of the etiology of neurological diseases
Lab page
ludtke Ludtke, Steve, Ph.D. Biochemistry Cryo-electron microscopy and single particle reconstruction.
ma Ma, Jianpeng, Ph.D. Biochemistry Computational Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology.
Lab page
ma-weiji Ma, Wei ji, Ph.D. Neuroscience Lab page
milosavljevic Milosavljevic, Aleksandar, Ph.D. Genetics Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics.
Lab page
moore Moore, David, Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology -
neilson Neilson, Joel, Ph.D. Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics The Neilson laboratory is interested in how mRNA transcript variation, in particular alternative cleavage and polyadenylation, is employed by cells to control gene expression in normal physiology and disease.
Palzkill, Timothy, Ph.D. Pharmacology -
petrosi Petrosino, Joseph, Ph.D. Molecular Virology & Microbiology: Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research Functional Genomics of Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Disease Pathogens
Lab page
Ramamurthy, Uma, Ph.D. ICTR -
rogers Rogers, Jeffery, Ph.D. HGSC Lab page
rowley Rowley, David, Ph.D. Molecular & Cell Biology -
saggau Saggau, Peter, Ph.D. Neuroscience Neuronal information processing studied by concurrent advanced optical imaging and computational modeling
Lab page
salas Salas, Ramiro, Ph.D. Psychiatry Human brain imaging of addiction and depression. Role of the reward system
Lab page
Sazar, Shelley, Ph.D. Biochemistry Eukaryotic cell cycle control with particular emphasis on the biophysics of the nuclear envelope at mitosis, the role of the nuclear envelope as a scaffold for chromosome anchoring to the nuclear periphery and the evolution of open and closed mitosis.
shaw Shaw, Chad, Ph.D. Genetics Devising new statistical methods for genome scale data using a systems biology approach.
Lab page
smirnakis Smirnakis, Stelios, M.D., Ph.D. Neuroscience -
steffen Steffen, David, Ph.D. BRC Lab page
Strathearn, Lane, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics Nutrition & Psychiatry Exploring the neuroendocrine basis of human attachment using functional neuroimaging, endocrine measures and automated eye tracking. We are currently collaborating with Yale Child Study Center in studying maternal brain responses to infant cues among addicted mothers. We are also studying the effects of intranasally administered oxytocin on social responsiveness in new mothers and children with autism.
Sucgang, Richard, Ph.D. Biochemistry Functional and comparative genomics of amoebozoa and antibiotics resistance in bacteria
tolias Tolias, Andreas, Ph.D. Neuroscience Electrophysiological, computational and functional imaging approaches to processing of visual information in the cerebral cortex of alert behaving primates.
Lab page
waterland Waterland, Robert A.,Ph.D. Genetics & CNRC -
Wensel, Theodore G, Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Themes of lab: We study molecular mechanisms for sensing and responding to extracellular signals. We study the roles of signaling pathways in disease states such as blindness, neurodegeneration, drug addiction and mental illness, and work to develop new therapeutic approaches based on our understanding of molecular mechanisms. Techniques include structural biology and high resolution imaging, animal models, viral vectors, high-throughput assays, and pathway modeling.
Lab page
wheeler Wheeler, David, Ph.D. HGSC Lab page
worley Worley, Kim, Ph.D. HGSC Lab page
Yu Yu, Fuli, Ph.D. HGSC Lab page
Zage, Peter, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics Research interests and long-term goals are to develop novel therapies and identify novel targets for therapies for children with solid tumors, specifically neuroblastoma, in order to improve outcomes and to reduce the incidence and severity of long-term side effects. My primary projects include studying growth factor receptor trafficking as a mechanism for treatment resistance and identifying novel agents synergistic with established therapies through large scale screening studies.
zwaka Zwaka, Thomas, M.D., Ph.D. Ctr Stem Cell & Regen (STaR) -

Affiliated Institutions

Name Departmental and Center Affiliations Areas of Research Interest
balazsi Balazsi, Gabor, Ph.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center
Mathematical/computational modeling and experimental characterization of biomolecular interaction networks
Molecular mechanisms underlying cellular defense, cell population survival and evolution in stress conditions
Lab page
leja Leja, Monika, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Cardiology -
zhang Zhang, Shuxing, Ph.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Experimental Therapeutics Lab page
No Photo Maxwell, David, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Experimental Therapeutics -
naveen Garg, Naveen, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Diagnostic Radiology -
kavraki Kavraki, Lydia, Ph.D. Rice University - Computer Science Computation of Shape and Motion in Biology, Computer-Assisted Drug Design.
Lab page
kimmel Kimmel, Marek, Ph.D. Rice University - Statistics Lab page
benette Bennett, Matthew, Ph.D. Rice University - Biochemistry
Lab Page
Lab page
deem Deem, Michael, Ph.D. Rice University - Bioengineering Lab page
igoshin Igoshin, Oleg, Ph.D. Rice University -
vardi Vardi, Moshe, Ph.D. Rice University - Computer Science Lab page
mcdevitt McDevitt, John, Ph.D. Rice University - Bioengineering Lab page
nakhlehnakhleh Nakhleh, Luay, Ph.D. Rice University -
No Photo Rustagi, Navin, Ph.D. Rice University - Computer Science -
shamoo Shamoo, Yousif, Ph.D Rice University -
subramanian Subramanian, Devika, Ph.D Rice University -
Lau, Ching, M.D., Ph.D. Texas Children's Hospital Genomics and proteomics of cancer, bioinformatics, and development of targeted therapy.
Lab page
wong Wong, Stephen, Ph.D., P.E. Houston Methodist Hospital, Cornell - Radiology, Neuroscience Computational biology, high throughput cell imaging and medical imaging.
Lab page
parazynski Parazynski, Scott, M.D. Houston Methodist Hospital -
cooper Cooper, Timothy, Ph.D. University of Houston -
fofanov Fofanov, Yuriy, Ph.D. University of Houston -
pettitt Pettitt, Montgomery, Ph.D. University of Houston - Chemistry Theoretical and computational biology and biochemistry.
gunaratne Gunaratne, Preethi, Ph.D. University of Houston -
schwartzschwartz Schwartz, Robert, Ph.D. University of Houston -
bernstam Bernstam, Elmer, M.D., MSE UTHSC - Medical Informatics

Lab page
chang Chang, Jeffery, Ph.D. UTHSC -
smith Smith, Jack, M.D., Ph.D. UTHSC- Medical Informatics Decision-Support Systems and Intelligent-Tutoring.
Shih, Liwen Ph.D. University of Houston - Clear Lake Computer engineering
Levine, Herbert, Ph.D. Rice University -
Verhaak, Roeland, Ph.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center -
Myers, Jeff, M.D., Ph.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center The mission of the Myers lab is to alleviate the suffering due to head and neck cancers through research into the mechanisms of disease progression and translational studies of investigational therapeutics in head and neck tumor models.
Rao, Arvind, Ph.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center Application and development of machine learning and image processing methods
Vannucci, Marina, Ph.D. Rice University Theory and Methods: Bayesian modeling, Variable selection, Nonparametric Bayes, Statistical computing, Wavelets. Applications: Large-scale high-throughput data, Structural Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Engineering.
Gorfe, Alex, Ph.D. UTHSC Our special focus is on the Ras family of lipid-modified enzymes that regulate a variety of cell signaling pathways and whose malfunction leads to many forms of cancer
Lubchenko, Vassiliy, Ph.D. University of Houston My research interests include strongly disordered and non-equilibrium systems, with specific applications to materials science, molecular electronics, and biophysics
Shoujun, Xu, Ph.D. University of Houston We focus on developing various magnetic-based techniques for molecular and cellular imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.
Cheung, Margaret, Ph.D. University of Houston One of the goals of the Cheung group is to discover interesting macromolecular dynamics under cell-like conditions by applying molecular simulation methods.
Pitkow, Xaq, Ph.D. Rice University Xaq studies how neural networks interpret ambiguous sensory data to infer what is in the external world. His research is theoretical, drawing on tools and principles from math, physics, and machine learning to formulate models, as well as predictions for experiments on real brains.
Levental, Ilya, Ph.D. UTHSC Our research focuses on the structure and function of the eukaryote plasma membrane, specifically how membrane domains compartmentalize signaling signaling. We study the structural and post-translational determinants of protein recruitment to membrane domains, how domain recruitment regulates protein function, and who the domains themselves are regulated by the cells

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