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Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education

Houston, Texas

The USDA Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education
Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education
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Sample Process Evaluation Plan

What assess
How assess
Identifies most effective recruitment methods for this target population; will inform future programs of the most effective methods.
Effectiveness of recruitment methods
Log of recruitment methods/locations Number families enrolled by method
Assesses percent of target population who participates in the intervention.
Target population – who are you trying to reach; % of those eligible who enroll . Attrition rate – who drops out and why.
Recruitment reports. Attendance logs and exit surveys/interviews to identify reasons for dropping out.
Dose delivered
Identifies what was delivered and how many were exposed
For each intervention component, how many received/participated in it.
Checklists of what was supposed to be delivered in each component, plus # of participants who received it.
Dose received
Assesses whether participants receive, comprehend, use information – i.e., engagement,
Participant awareness, understanding, and use of intervention message/materials.
Brief interview, survey
Assesses whether program was delivered as intended,
Quality of implementation delivery
Checklist of planned intervention components; interviews with interventionists to assess barriers/facilitators; unplanned observations of selected intervention components
Provides a “big picture” look at factors outside the intervention that may influence program effects
Changes in environment that may influence intervention implementation, outcomes; Resource availability in the community that may influence participation (i.e., transportation, distance need to travel to participate intervention components,)
Listing of key changes that occurred during intervention implementation; environmental audit prior to intervention to assess availability; GPS to ascertain distance between home and location of intervention components.

Adapted from: Linnan L and A Steckler, Process Evaluation for Public Health Interventions and Research: An Overview. In: Process Evaluation for Public Health Interventions and Research. 2002. Steckler A and Linnan L, editors. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN-10: 0787959766

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