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Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education

Houston, Texas

The USDA Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education
Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education
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Contact Center Staff

Center Director

Karen Weber Cullen, DrPH, R.D.
Dr. Cullen is a professor of Pediatrics- Nutrition with the Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Cullen will provide expertise in research design and common measures.
Phone: 713-798-6764


Debbe Thompson, Ph.D.
Dr. Thompson, USDA/ARS Scientist/Nutritionist and Associate Professor, CNRC- BCM, will provide expertise in formative research, process evaluation, and technology-based interventions. Email:
Phone: 713-798-7076

Jayna M. Dave, Ph.D.
Dr. Dave, Assistant Professor at the CNRC- BCM, will provide the expertise in food security and its measurement.
Phone: 713-798-7195

Ann Chen, Ph.D.
Dr. Chen is a biostatistician at the CNRC-BCM and will provide expertise on design issues, including sample size, and statistical analyses.
Phone: 713-798-0371

Mamie White, MS, Project Manager
Ms. White is the project manager at the CNRC-BCM. She will manage the project, including the project website content, contacts from potential applicants, and all project daily correspondence/materials.
Phone: 713-798-0501

Felica Bradford, BBA, Data manager
Ms. Bradford will oversee data entry screens and databases for all the questionnaires, create the code books, oversee data entry, and quality control.

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