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Children's Nutrition Research Center

Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC
USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
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Join a CNRC Nutrition Study!

Houston-area residents are invited to participate in the following nutrition research projects designed to help CNRC scientists learn more about the nutritional needs of children. Free parking is provided. For most studies, financial compensation is provided and transportation may be available.

For more information on any of the following studies call Marilyn Navarrete, 713-798-7002, or email

Childhood and Adolescent Growth and Development Studies

Novella Study New!

Are you having trouble getting your preschooler to eat their vegetables? Mothers of children 3-5 years old are needed for a research study looking to help parents help their preschool child eat more vegetables. The study involves mothers reading two short novellas (less than 50 pgs), then participating in a telephone interview. If interested, call Marilyn at 713-798-7002 and mention ‘the Novella Study’. Or complete the screening survey at:

Breakfast Study

Children who are 8-10 years old are needed for a study on breakfast consumption and mental abilities. The study includes 3 overnight visits to the CNRC. There will be blood draws at each visit (numbing creams and sprays are available).

Butterfly Girls

8-10 year old African American girls and a parent needed to participate in an 8 week online program promoting healthy eating and physical activity. No meetings to attend; participate from the comfort and convenience of home. Watch informative video.

Cardiovascular Study

13-18 year old adolescents and young adults (normal weight and overweight) with and without type 2 diabetes are needed for a research study investigating risk for heart disease in youth. Study involves body composition, heart scan and blood tests.

Fatty Liver

11-21 year old overweight adolescents and young adults with and without liver disease are needed for a research study investigating risk for early heart disease in youth. Study involves body composition, liver scan and blood tests.

Pregnancy & Child Health

Did you have a pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia or a baby with low birth weight? Can a complicated pregnancy in mom put the child at risk for future health problems? To answer this question, we are conducting a research study that looks at pregnancy history and its effect on the child’s health. 8 to 11 year old children of both eclamptic and non-preeclamptic pregnancies are needed as well as 8 to 17 year olds of pregnancies with high blood pressure. Study involves body composition and blood tests.

Stomach Pain & Genetics

Do you have a child age 7-18 with recurrent stomach aches? Do they have a brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, and/or adoptive sibling age 7-18 living at home with them? You may be eligible for a research study about the environment and genetics of stomach aches. We will visit your home and provide all materials needed for the study.

Teens in Action

11-13 and 15-17 year old boys and girls are needed for a study about physical activity. Teens will complete on online survey and wear a physical activity monitor for 7 days.

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