Volunteer Notes

Volunteers from CaliforniaSoy Study Recruitment Completed

Baylor College of Medicine/ CNRC

University of California at Davis/ Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

University of Georgia at Athens

Each study site will be sending results to their voluteers and providing additional information on soy products and osteoporosis.

Comments from Volunteers

“Today was an exciting day for me as I have never participated in a medical study before and found it to be most interesting and educational.”
--A BCM volunteer

“You guys certainly know how to make a person feel comfortable. How many people can say they had ‘fun’ going through all those tests and filling out all those forms. It made the hours go by so much more quickly being surrounded by caring people in a pleasant atmosphere.”
--A BCM volunteer

“I wanted to join this study because I have no health insurance. I am so grateful to get this level of clinical testing as part of a research project…I could never have afforded to pay for all these tests!”
--A BCM volunteer

“I appreciate this study because it gives women another alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Women need to know their options.”
--A BCM volunteer

Dr. Ronald Young talks to a study subject“I joined this study for several reasons…because I do not have health insurance and sure, the stipend would be very handy. Also, it seemed to me it was about time there was more research done on women’s issues and needs.”
--A BCM volunteer

“I consider myself so lucky to be able to be in this study. I had no idea there would be any financial compensation. I’m ok money-wise right now, so I am donating my stipend to a group that works with low income children.”
--A BCM Volunteer

“Two volunteers moved out of state after joining the study and thought so highly of the study they time their visits back to visit with family and friends with the time to pick up the supplements!”
--A study coordinator

“In several instances the lab work being done on the volunteers uncovered some serious clinical issues such as a thyroid condition, high cholesterol, liver function abnormalities and, in several cases, severe osteoporosis. If it had not been for the testing done for the study, these health issues could have gone undiagnosed for some time.”
--A study coordinator

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