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CNRC - mcmcmc Lab

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
CNRC - mcmcmc Lab
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  • ELAI: Efficient Local Ancestry Inference
    • The software performs local ancestry inference for two-way, three-way, or multi-way admixed individuals.
    • Download and Documentation
  • piMASS: Posterior Inference via Model Averaging and Subset Selection
    • The software performs multi-SNP association with disease phenotypes. It can handle all SNPs in the genome simultaneously.
    • Download and Documentation
  • BIMBAM: Baysian Imputation Based Association Mapping
    • The software performs genotype imputation and statistical tests for disease association, including single SNP tests and regional multi-SNP tests
    • Download and Documentation
  • WinSSS: Windows-based Stochastic Spatial Simulator
    • This is a Windows-based software. It implements many classical models in interacting particle systems, for example, the multiple contact process, the Greenberg Hastings process, and the generalized Rock-Scissor-Paper dynamic. The real time animations are rendered by openGL.
    • Download and Documentation

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