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Children's Nutrition Research Center

Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC
USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
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Health Topic - Feeding Children

ADA Position Paper - Nutrition standards for child care programs.
- Co-authored by CNRC researcher, Theresa Nicklas, Ph.D.

AAP Policy Statement on The Use of Fruit Juice in the Diets of Young Children

American Dietetic Association Position Paper on Dietary Guidance for Healthy Children Ages 2 to 11 years
- Co-authored by CNRC researcher, Theresa Nicklas, Ph.D.

Child/Adolescent Nutrition, Health & Physical Activity (IFIC)

Nutrition Center (Mayo Clinic)

- From the National Cancer Institute and Produce for Better Health Foundation.

- Commercial site with some useful tips on feeding young children.

Kid Source Online
- Health: Nutrition Articles Index - Reviews of on-line children's nutrition articles.

Starting Solids (IFIC)
- From the International Food Information Council (IFIC).

Tiny Tummies Online
- Newsletter for parents by Sanna James, MS, RD.

Nutrition for Kids
- By Connie Evers, MS, RD. Includes back issues of Feeding Kids newsletter.

Sun-blocking babies leads to need for vitamin D
- The lack of sunshine exposure in many babies and small children has led to an upsurge in vitamin D deficiency and rickets.

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