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Children's Nutrition Research Center

Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC
USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
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Resources - Links for Kids

  • Fantastic Food Challenge
    - A compact disc (CD-ROM) from Michigan State University with a set of educational, digital games. The games are designed to motivate young adults to learn about nutrition, food safety, food preparation and comparing food prices.
  • Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls
    - From the CDC. Fun website to help girls learn how to be powerful and take care of their bones
    - Exciting, fun and informative site aimed at helping kids eat healthy and stay active.
  • Brain POP
    - Innovative and fun health education and general science activities targeted to middle school children. Sponsored by Health and
  • BAM! Body & Mind
    - Kid-friendly topics and an interactive aid for teachers from the CDC.
  • Sci4Kids
    - USDA/ARS site geared towards helping kids understand, and hopefully get hooked, on agricultural science.
  • Dairy Council of California
    - Includes professional updates, lesson plans and interactive games for kids.
  • Dole 5 A Day: Just For Kids
    - An award-winning site for kids, parents, and teachers.
  • Florida Citrus Land -- For Kids
    - By the Florida Department of Citrus.
  • HHS Pages for Kids
    - The Department of Health and Human Services site for educators, parents and children.
  • Teens
    - Has games, Q & A's, and body image help for teens.
  • Why Milk?
    - Includes nutrition games for teens.
  • Nutrition Cafe
    - By the Pacific Science Center and Washington State Dairy Council. Interactive nutrition education for kids who can be a nutrition sleuth to learn about nutrients or find out how their eating habits measure up at the HaveABite Cafe.
  • Pear Bear Healthy Kids
    - A site for smaller children to gain nutrition knowledge through games and stories.

Links to other web sites are considered an extended service but are not controlled or endorsed by the CNRC or Baylor College of Medicine.

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