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Children's Nutrition Research Center

Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC
USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
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Newsletter - Nutrition and Your Child

2014 Issues

Spring 2014

More Sleep Part Of The Prescription For Obesity Prevention In Children

Extra Serving Could Contribute To Extra Pounds

School Children Experience Weight Gain During Short Summer Months

Female Mice Who Are Overfed As Infants Become Couch Potatoes—for Life

2013 Issues

Winter 2013

Advancing the understanding and treatment of malnutrition in Africa

Web-based Intervention Designed By And For Teens Is Effective

Study Shows That Children Tend To Follow Their Mother’s Lead At Dinner Time

DNA Methylation In Embryonic Stem Cells Turns Genes On

Fall 2013

Researchers Study Anti-obesity Potential of SRC-1

How Cooking and Preparation Impact Benefits of Blueberries

Study Shows Low Levels of Vitamin D in Hispanic Infants

Kamp K’aana Leads to Reduced Body Fat, Improved Quality of Life

Summer 2013

Pediatric Obesity Intervention Program Feasible in Primary Care Clinics

Study Explores Relationship Between Excess Body Fat and Demographic Factors in Children

Brain Cell Response to Gut Hormone Fine Tunes Stomach Emptying

Parenting Behaviors Can Influence a Child’s Eating Behaviors Through College

Spring 2013

Study Finds Disparity in Access to Healthy Foods

Lunches From Home Lacking in Healthy Offerings

Researchers Take Important Steps in Understanding the Physiology of Breastfeeding

Studies Provide Important Findings on Type 2 Diabetes in Children

2012 Issues

Fall 2012

Grant Opportunities for Innovative WIC Nutrition Education Projects

Study Seeks Solutions For Lack Of Participation In School Breakfast Programs

Study Points to Nutrition’s Role in Disease Treatment

Researchers Address Role of Functional Foods in Promoting Good Health

CNRC Director Offers Perspective on Food Safety in the United States

Summer 2012

Tool Helps Women Stay Within Ideal Pregnancy Weight-gain Range

Active Video Games: Do They Increase Physical Activity in Children?

Researchers Identify Behaviors Associated With High Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Children

Removing Receptor for “Hunger Hormone” Keeps Aging Mice Lean

Spring 2012

What You Eat Before Conception May Affect Your Infant

Study Finds No Downward Trend In Nutritional Value Of Broccoli

Study Offers Understanding Of Belly Pain In Children

GENETICS: The Link Between Rare And Chronic Diseases

2011 Issues

Winter, 2011

Impact of Dr. Samuel Fomon’s Research Can Be Seen at CNRC

Dinnertime Observations: Parents’ Behaviors May Play a Role in Obesity

Study Verifies ‘Recipe’ for Recovery From Malnutrition

Lecithin Component May Reduce Fatty Liver, Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Fall, 2011

Training the Next Generation of Scientists

Walking School Bus Program INCREASES Children’s Physical Activity

Schools Use Software to Give Parents Power in the Cafeteria

Video Games: Useful Tools for Getting Kids to Eatmore Fruits and Veggies

Summer, 2011

Researchers Study the Long-term Effects of Parenteral Nutrition

New “MyPlate” Icon Reminds Americans to Make Healthier Food Choices

DHA Supplementation in Mothers Has Positive Outcome in Infants

Increasing the Accuracy of Percent Body Fat Determinations in Young Adults

U.S. Children Meet Nutrient Requirements, but Over-supplementation Could Be a Concern

Commercials Can Influence Children’s Vegetable Preference

Spring, 2011

Researchers Develop New Method for Measuring Energy Expenditure

The Role of Parenting Practices in Children’s Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

CNRC Expert Provides Input on New Calcium and Vitamin D Recommendations

Prenatal Nutrition Permanently Impacts Human Epigenome

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

2010 Issues

Volume 4, 2010

Fruit and Vegetable Availability and Consumption Among Low-income Hispanic Families

CNRC Food Drive Benefits Local Families

Healthy Breakfast Still the Best Way to Start the Day

Improving Preterm Babies’ Health by Understanding Feeding Intolerance

Volume 3, 2010

Wealth of Nutritional Information at Your Fingertips: CNRC Nutritional Information Online

CNRC Researchers Strive for Success As Dietary Recall Enters Computer Age

Improving Child Health in Developing Countries

The Role of Glucose During Pregnancy

Volume 2, 2010

Encouragea Positive Self-Image To Keep Kids Active

Boy Scout Badge Program Teaches Healthy Lifestyle

Aerobic Exercise Has Lifelong Impacts

CNRC Puts Focus on Enviroment Through Recycling Efforts

Volume 1, 2010

Americans Not Consuming Enough Dairy to Meet Nutrition Requirements

Understanding Parents’ Role in Increasing Physical Activity in Youth

Research Defines Cellular Protein’s Role in Fat Cell Formation

Summer Camp Brings Improvements in Self-esteem and Weight

2009 Issues

Volume 2, 2009

Study Offers First Look at Effective Diets for Breastfeeding Women

Got Milk? New Research May Result in More Nutritious Milk

Adequate Nutrients Not the Full Picture in Children’s Diets

Volunteer Discusssses Importance of Research Studies

CNRC Research Gives Insight into DHA

Volume 1, 2009

Put Kids on Road to Good Health by Encouraging Vigorous Activity

Golden Rice an Effective Source of Vitamin A

Food Pyramid Helps Build Healthy Habits for Preschoolers

Summer Camp Encourages Healthy Lifestyle

Walking School Bus Steers Students to Healthier Lifestyle

2008 Issues

Volume 4, 2008

Celebrating 30 Years of Discovery

CNRC Resources Available To Use

Research Groups at the USDA/ Nutrition Research Center (CNRC),

Children, Fruit Juice and Weight

Volume 3, 2008

Defining Normal: Assessment of Body Composition

Portion Sizes Impact Eating

Promoting Fruit, Juice and Vegetables

Using Grocery Receipts to Assess Home Food Supply

Guidelines for Healthy Children

Volume 2, 2008

Energy Balance Equations for Kids

Healthy Eating PodCasts Now Available

Prebiotics: Another Key for Improving Bone Health

School Nutrition Policies Make a Difference

A Successful Intensive School-Based Weight Loss Program

Volume 1, 2008

The National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign: Implications for the Public

MyPyramid for Moms

Media Time and Overweight Among US Preschoolers

Using Video Games To Change Behavior

Using City Parks To Improve Health

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