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Houston, Texas

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CNRC - Hirschi Lab
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Post-Doctoral Associates

Toshiro ShigakiToshiro Shigaki

B.S. (Physics), University of Toyama
M.S. (Plant Pathology) University of Wyoming
Ph.D. (Plant Pathology) University of Hawaii at Manoa

I study structure-function of CAX transporters from plants. The information obtained from the study is used to design transporters with enhanced utility. For example, promiscuous transporters can be redesigned to make them more specific to target substrates. My ultimate goal is to use such transporters to develop transgenic plants for phytoremediation and biofortified crops. I now work as a principal scientist for biotechnology at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) of Papua New Guinea.

Xiangkai LiXiangkai Li

B.S. Microbiology, Wuhan University, P.R. China, 2001
Ph.D. Microbiology, University of Oklahoma, 2008
Started in Hirschi Lab: July 2008

In my graduate study, I was interested in heavy metal/metalloid bioremediation by sulfate reducing bacteria, such as arsenic, chromium and uranium. Now, thanks to Dr. Kendal Hirschi's generous support, I am able to study the calcium bioavailabilities in biofortified plants by expressing the cation exchanger protein in different membrane locations, such as plasma, vacuole and ER; test the food quality of protein enriched cassava and rescue Vitamin D receptor knockout mice by feeding calcium oxalate deficient medicago. Currently we use mouse as our model animal.

Joy Marshall Joy Marshall

Dr. Joy L. Marshall is an assistant professor in the Biology Department at Prairie View A&M University. She often rejoins our lab group for the summers. She received her doctor of philosophy degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. There is a always a chance you will see her around the CNRC!

Ning-Hui ChengNing-Hui Cheng

B.S. Nanjing Agricultural University, PR China, 1985
M.S. Nanjing Agricultural University, PR China, 1988
Ph.D. Nanjing Agricultural University, PR China, 1994

Ning-Hui now has a faculty position at the Children's Nutrition Research Center (2008-). Although he has his own research group, he is collaborating with the Hirschi Lab on "wrapping-up" some projects.

Jian ZhaoJian Zhao

Ph.D. (Pharmacognosy), Peking Union Medical College, 1999

I received a B.S in Biology, and a M.S. in Plant Biology in China. I got my Ph.D. in pharmacognocy from Peking Union of Medical College/ Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing in 1999. I then worked as a JSPS postdoctoral fellow in Japan on plant secondary metabolism and in Kansas State University on Arabidopsis phospholipase D. I am interested in molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in plants in response to phytohormones and various stresses. As a core factor of plant sensor systems, Ca2+ signaling is critical for plants. My work work on calcium antiporters in Dr. Hirschi's lab was to demonstrate CAX-mediated Ca2+ signaling and functions in Arabidopsis. I am currently in Dr. Dixon's lab at the Ardmore.

Jon PittmanJon Pittman

B.Sc. Biology, University of Southampton
Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry, University of Southampton
Started in Hirschi Lab: October 2000-2003

Jon received a Ph.D. from the University of Southampton, UK in the lab of Dr. Lorraine Williams, working on the molecular characterization of Ca2+-ATPases in Arabidopsis and then on the identification of Arabidopsis heavy metal transporters. In the Hirschi Lab, Jon studied the potential regulatory mechanisms of CAX1 by analyzing protein interactions, worked on the analysis of CAX1 expression patterns in Arabidopsis using a luciferase reporter system, and studied the function of CAX2 through the screening of T-DNA insertion mutants. Jon is presently at the University of Manchester, UK, in the Faculty of Life Sciences where he is a BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow and Lecturer. Current research in his lab is continuing analyses of CAX genes in plants and algae. In addition his research interests include the molecular mechanisms of plant manganese homeostasis, and ion homeostasis and stress responses in the model algae Chlamydomonas.

Brad PorterBrad Porter

B.Sc. Bioenvironmental Science, Texas A&M
M.Sc. Plant Breeding and Genetics, Kansas State University
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Kansas State University

After obtaining a BSc from Texas A&M University's Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, I pursued a MSc degree in plant breeding and genetics under Dr. Bill Schapaugh, Kansas State University's soybean breeder. My masters project focused on field screening soybean genotypes for charcoal rot (a fungal pathogen) and evaluating pathogen-induced phytoalexin production using HPLC technology. In addition, Dr. Schapaugh provided me with excellent training in soybean breeding including field evaluation of yield and quality traits. At the same time, Dr. Dan Skinner, a USDA faculty in the Department of Agronomy, taught me the basics of plant molecular biology. My Ph.D. was conducted in K-State's Department of Plant Pathology under the direction of Dr. Frank White. Working with Xanthomonas oryzae and rice as a model system, Dr. White taught me the fundamentals of bacterial effector protein secretion, host-pathogen response, and resistance gene mapping. My research in the Hirschi Lab was part of the National Science Foundation's 2010 project, and I contributed to this effort by characterizing several cation exchanger proteins.

Sherry LeClereSherry LeClere

B.S. Biology, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1997
Ph.D. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Rice University, 2002

I began my scientific career as an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. John Walker at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying receptor-like kinases in Arabidopsis. After receiving my B.S. in Biology from the University of Missouri, I moved on to Rice University where I studied the metabolism and function of amide conjugates of the natural auxin indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) under the direction of Dr. Bonnie Bartel. I received my Ph.D. from Rice in March 2002. In the Hirschi Lab I studied the phenotypes and metal transport capabilities of the vacuolar transporter CAX3. I also studied several other genes similar to the CAX transporters to determine their subcellular localizations and transport properties. I hope to be able to apply these studies to the phytoremediation of metals from contaminated soils.

Coimbatore Sreevidya (Sree) Coimbatore Sreevidya (Sree)

M.S. Biochemistry, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India, 1993
Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India, 1998
Research Associate, Monsanto Inc. (Agracetus)Madison, WI, 1998 - 1999

After completing my Ph.D at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India, I did a brief stint with the USDA in Peoria IL. Later I moved on to Monsanto where I worked on rice plastid transformation. In the Hirschi Lab I helped to elucidate the domain critical for calcium transport in calcium antiporters and standardizing Medicago transformation.

Research Associates & Technicians

Ashley HesterAshley Hester

B.S. Biomedical Science, Texas A&M University 2007
Started Hirschi Lab: June 2007

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Biomedical Science. I worked in the Hirschi Lab for a year and a half, and plan on attending one of the Texas medical schools in the fall of 2008.

Tim HotzeTim Hotze

B.S. Biomedical Science, Texas A&M University 2006
Started Hirschi Lab: September 2006

I am spending my year after graduation working in the Hirschi Lab. In the fall 2007, I will be attending medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas.

Amanda BrockAmanda Brock

B.A. Biology and History, 2004 Rice University
Started Hirschi Lab: Summer 2004

I am a graduate of Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a degree in biology and history. I started working in the Hirschi Lab during the summer of 2004. I hope to enter graduate school in evolutionary biology in the fall of 2005.

Yinqing GuoYinqing Guo

B.S. Computer and Application, Department of Telecommunication and Automatic Control, Lanzhou Railway University, Gansu, China.
Started Hirschi Lab: Summer 2006

Work experience: Oct 2005- Present research technician in Kendal Hirschi's lab, Children's Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine. 2001-2002, research assistant, Laboratory of Forest chemistry and biochemistry, faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, in Japan. 1993- 2000, electronic engineer, Bureau of Beijing Railway, Beijing, China. 1997- 1999, research assistant, laboratory of biosynthesis and production of natural compound, Institute of Materia Medica, Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Mamata KoleMamata Kole

Started in Hirschi Lab: June 2004
B.Sc. Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, Burdwan University, 1992. I earned my B.Sc. in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics at Burdwan University in India. I also have a certificate in MS Office.

Kunta Madhura BabuKunta Madhura Babu

M.S. (Plant & Soil Science), Texas A&M University - Kingsville, 2003
PGDPM, University of Hyderabad (Central University), 1998B.Sc. (Agricultural Sciences), Andhra Pradesh Agri. University, 1995

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University.

Casie ClymerCasie Clymer

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2003

I am a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BS in Biology. I started working in Dr. Hirschi's lab in June of 2003 as a research assistant. I am hoping to attend Grad school at UT School of Public Health. The tract I plan on taking is disease control.


Nallely Sanchez-LozoyaVivian Wong

Vivian studied at University of Houston while working in our lab preparing media and doing general chores. She aspires to be an optometrist.

Nallely Sanchez-LozoyaJaleesa Garth

Northwestern State University-LA FA2010
University of Alabama at Birmingham
GBS Graduate Student - Microbiolgy Theme

My research in the Hirschi lab involved finding genetic suppressors of the temperature sensitive mutant atgrxs17 through ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) to help identify possible genes involved in heat tolerance mediated by AtGRXS17. The purpose of this project is to identify the proteins that interact with those regulated by AtGRX17 as well as determine if the phenotype displayed by these mutants is due soley to AtGRXS17 or if it is the product of several interacting genes. The knowledge gained from this research will ultimately help us to adapt what is known about plant sensitivity to heat to increase the hardiness of food crops. I am currently expanding my knowledge of science and research in a Ph.D program in Biomedical Sciences at the Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham in the Microbiolgoy theme.

Sean M. ThompsonSean M. Thompson

B.S. Biology, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, 2008
A.S. Science, North Lake College, 2005
Started in Hirschi Lab: June 2008

I am currently working toward a Masters Degree in Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences at Texas A&M University. My graduate support is made possible by the Texas A&M System Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship and the Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center at Texas A&M. Additional funding from the USDA / Agriculture Research Services Children's Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine has provided me the opportunity to work with Dr. Kendal Hirschi. Understanding the impact of calcium partitioning on bioavailability is the focus of my research. The Hirschi Lab has demonstrated increase calcium availability in carrots by single gene manipulations; however, this research does not describe the redistribution and partitioning of calcium within the cell. I am currently developing plant lines under the guidance of Dr. Jean Gould at Texas A&M. Using calcium transport and binding proteins that have been identified by others, I hope to characterize their impact on calcium uptake, retention and distribution within the plant cell.

Nallely Sanchez-LozoyaNallely Sanchez-Lozoya

B.S. Biology, University of Texas Pan-American, Edinburg, TX
I am currently in the Post-Baccalaureate program at Baylor College of Medicine. I have given the opportunity to work as a research technician in Dr. Kendal Hirschi's lab where I will gain valuable knowledge. During this year of experience in a laboratory environment, I hope to either attend graduate school or medical school. My ultimate goal is to obtain a M.D./Ph.D. degree.

Emmanuel Manrique Emmanuel Manrique

Major: Microbiology, Houston Community College
Started in Hirschi Lab: January 2005

I am currently in my second year attending Houston Community College. My goal is to major in microbiology and then attend medical school. I mostly like to hang out with my friends and play just about any sport that comes up. I plan to work in the lab until I graduate, so I look forward to helping the lab technicians for a few years.

Indhira De la RosaIndhira De la Rosa - Spring 2009

I am a first year student in the Cell and Molecular Biology program at Baylor College of Medicine. From January to March of 2009, I had the opportunity to do a rotation in Dr. Hirschi's lab. There I was helping in the characterization of one of the Calcium transporter proteins that they are studying, named CAX3. I used a yeast strain lacking Calcium transporters, as model system; those yeast strains are not able to work in different conditions such as calcium and sodium. My work included transforming yeast strains with CAX3 (with different topologies) and analyzing phenotype. It was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot and got to meet very nice people.

Hui MeiHui Mei - Completed Ph.D.

B.S. Botany, YunNan University, 1994
Started in Hirschi Lab: September 2004

My goals of the 2010 project are: 1) isolation of novel calcium exchangers from Arabidopsis thaliana; 2) studying the cellular localization and expression of those calcium exchangers in plant and in yeast by GUS and GFP fusion technique; 3) studying the function of calcium exchanger proteins utilizing mutant plant generated from Arabidopsis T-DNA insertion lines.

I started working in Dr. Hirschi's laboratory with several small projects. The projects that are directly related to 2010 are: 1) the study of the AtCAX4 temporal expression pattern at early embryo development stage (post-germinate 2 to 10 days) and the AtCAX4 tissue specific expression by CAX4: GUS fusion; 2) Studying the regulation of CAX1 activity at transcription and post translation level. I am also interested in the CAX2-like gene which was isolated from a Thlaspi species, a heavy metal hyperaccumulating plant species, by using a yeast model system. Potentially, I am going to work on CAX8 and CAX10 genes.

Jay MorrisJay Morris - Completed Ph.D.

B.S. Food Technology, Texas Tech University, 1999
M.S. Food Technology, Texas Tech University, 2001
Started in Hirschi Lab: January 2002

I completed my Ph.D. in Molecular and Environmental Plant Science at Texas A&M. I am working on several projects in the lab, including looking at Arabidopsis mutants for alterations in CAX expression. As an undergrad, I did research on the thermal stability of quercetin (a compound found in onions) and its different glycosides. My Master's research entailed understanding the changes in nutritional content of onions grown hydroponically in greenhouses and in growth chambers, as model systems for growth of plants in space for food, water and oxygen.

Ashlee BucherAshlee Bucher

B.S. Biology, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
B.S. Mathematics, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Started in Hirschi Lab: Winter rotation 2008

I am a recent graduate from Northwestern State University of Louisiana where I graduated with a BS in Biology and a BS in Mathematics. I am currently attending Baylor College of Medicine as a part of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program. I will be working in Dr. Hirschi's lab for my third term rotation where I look forward to expanding my knowledge on Arabidopsis and yeast models.

Maria E. Terron-DiazMaría E. Terrón-Díaz

B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology, Universidad Metropolitana (UMET), 2007
Started in Hirschi Lab: Winter rotation 2008

While in high school I participated in the Saturday school research activities in UMET. As an undergraduate student I conducted research in the Chemical, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology lab under the mentoring of Dr. Beatriz Zayas. The main objective of my research project was to evaluate the potential DNA binding capacity and mutational activity of several novel bioreductive anticancer drug candidates (known as NBQ's). I was also part of two summer internships (2005 and 2006) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where we studied cellular responses to DNA-damaging agents, DNA structural damage removal by cell repair mechanisms and potential mechanisms of antitumor drugs under the direction of Dr. John Essigmann. Currently, I am a Baylor College of Medicine graduate student in the Cell and Molecular Biology Interdepartmental Program. I am in awe with all the possibilities, directions and types of research there are. At the moment, I aim to apply all the skills I obtain from my lab rotations and courses to the dissertation project I end-up conducting.

Ivory EllisIvory Ellis

Summer of 2009

I am a junior Biology major with a minor in chemistry at Dillard University. Working in Dr. Hirschi's lab enabled me the opportunity to gain experience, knowledge, and exposure to a possible career in research. It has given me new found respect for research scientists. By conducting research in the CNRC,it has perpetuated my goal of pursuing a MD/PhD in Endocrinology.

Alex HesselAlex Hessel

Summer of 2009

Alex Hessel is a biochemistry student at St. Mary's College of Maryland and will enter his junior year in the fall of 2009. He hopes to one day attend medical school and goon to a career as a physician-scientist. Under Dr. Ned Waller at the Emory Winship Cancer Institute, Alex has conducted in vitro studies on the mycotoxin Patulin to investigate its potential application in chemotherapy for hematological cancers. He is currently researching in vivo alternative splicing of the insulin receptor gene under Dr. Danielle Cass at St. Mary's. Alex would someday like to study the roles of molecules involved in cancer cell biology and develop targeted therapies for cancers with specific genotypes.

Cuwonna Peoples

Summer 2008

I am a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a BS in Regulatory Science, Environmental Biology, Minor: Biology. The summer of 2008 I participated in the G/GREAT program with Baylor College of Medicine. I spent the summer working in the lab of Kendal Hirschi, Ph.D., in the Children's Nutrition Research Center. It was both a invaluable research and educational experience that I will never forget.

Linh Pham Linh Pham

Major: Psychology, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: Fall 2007

I am a graduate of the University of Houston with a BS in Psychology and a Biology minor. I plan on furthering my education and working in the lab for the next few years. I hope that this opportunity to work in the lab will be beneficial to myself and others.

Bolanle BukoyeBolanle Bukoye

Major: Biology
Summer 2007

I am a senior from Mississippi University for Women. I am in the SMART program this summer working under the mentorship of Dr Ning-Hui Cheng in Dr Hirschi's lab. I am looking forward to a great summer in the lab!

Liana Roberson Liana Roberson

Senior at Milby HS-2007

I am working at the CNRC in Dr. Hirschi's lab with Hui Mei in the S3 Program. My research focuses on the expression and analysis of the CAX4 gene in Arabidopsis. I am studying the expression of CAX4 in different substances while using GUS techniques to identify the expressed regions. After graduating I want to attend the Univ. of Miami or TAMUG to major in Marine Biology with a minor in Oceanography.

Rito EscarenoRito Escareno

Summers of 2007 and 2008
Major: Biology

I am a senior at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. My major is biology and I have a strong interest in nutrition research and rural medicine. I will be working in Dr. Hirschi's lab for the summer of 2007 under the direction of Hui Mei. I am looking forward for an amazing summer and research experience.

Adrian BustamanteAdrian Bustamante

Major: Computer Engineering, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: August 2004

I am a senior at the University of Houston majoring in computer engineering. I enjoy learning new things and I have found just working around the lab to be an unbelievable learning experience. Besides working in the lab, I also work at the River Oaks Elementary After School Program.

Jason Courseault Jason Courseault

Major: Pre-Med/Psychology, Morehouse College
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2006

I am a junior Pre-Med/Psychology major, B.S. at Morehouse College in Atlanta. I will be in Dr. Hirschi's lab for the summer 2006. Working in the lab and in the world's biggest medical center here in Houston is a great experience. I love anything athletic or sports related. I plan on pursuing a medical degree after undergrad and becoming a doctor.

Megan Rooney

Major: Biology, Evangel University
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2006

I am from Springfield, Missouri, and am a senior biology major at Evangel University. I will graduate in December of 2006, and I plan to attend medical school. Through Baylor College of Medicine's SMART program, I am primarily working in Dr. Hirschi's lab on analyzing genetically modified vegetable varieties for improved calcium bioavailability.

Rodolfo Moreno Rodolfo Moreno

Major: Microbiology, University of Houston - Downtown
Started in Hirschi Lab: Fall 2003

I am currently a senior at the University of Houston - Downtown. I plan to graduate with a bachelor's in microbiology and eventually attend medical or P.A. school. When I do graduate, I plan to take (at least) a year off from school before I apply to medical school. During that year off I hope to still be doing research here, for Dr. Hirschi. I have learned many new things in Dr. Hirschi's lab and hope to continue learning more.

Victor SonaikeVictor Sonaike

Major: Pre-med/Biology, Baylor University
Started in Hirschi Lab: October 2005

I am a graduate of Baylor University with a B.S. in biology and minors in chemistry and medical humanities. I started working in Dr. Hirschi's lab in October 2005 as a research technician. I plan to attend medical school in the fall of 2006, and I hope to become a general surgeon.

Luke Barchie Luke Barchie

Major: Computer Science, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: April 2005

Currently, I am a senior in computer science at the University of Houston. I am always eager to use the knowledge I have learned in college in practical applications. After graduation, I plan on finding a career programming computers.

Aida Safai Aida Safai

Major: Biology, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: December 2003

I am currently attending the University of Houston and majoring in biology. Besides working in Dr. Hirschi's lab, I also volunteer in the nursery at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. My future goal is to attend medical school and become a pediatrician.

Naomi Gonzales Naomi Gonzales

Major: Pre-Med/Biology, University of St. Thomas
Started in Hirschi Lab: June 2004

I am a senior pre-med/Biology major at the University of St. Thomas. My goal is to pursue a career in research, particularly research involving plants and microbiology. Much emphasis is placed on research at UST. It is because of this and my high school background that I have become interested in research. Outside of the lab I try my best at gardening and I also enjoy fishing.

Myra Akhter Myra Akhter

Major: Biology, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: May 2003

I attend the University of Houston and am majoring in Biology and Anthropology. I hope to eventually attend optometry school at University of Houston. I started working with Dr. Hirschi the summer of 2003, and plan to continue throughout the school year.

Chris ChenChris Chen

B.S. in Genetic Biology, Purdue University, 2004
Started in Hirschi Lab: Winter 2004

I am a graduate student in Baylor College of Medicine's Molecular and Human Genetics department, and recently finished a rotation in Dr. Hirschi's lab.

Katryn EskeKatryn Eske

Major: Biochemistry, Messiah College
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2005

I am a senior biochemistry major with plans of attaining a graduate degree in nutrition. With this foundation, my career goal is to do work in disease prevention and treatment using nutritional therapies. I enjoy learning about other cultures and people and plan to do nutritional work around the world.

Annette FrankAnnette Frank

Major: Life Sciences, Queens University
Started in Hirschi Lab: May 2005

I am in my fourth year of Life Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I came to the Hirschi Lab to gain research experience which will be useful for a future career in science. I hope to continue on to graduate school to study complementary and alternative medicine in the fall of 2006.

Jet Liu Jet Liu

Major: Biology, University of Texas - Dallas
Started in Hirschi Lab: May 2005

I am currently studying at University of Texas in Dallas, majoring in biology. I love playing basketball, and am pretty good at it. I work out a lot and try to keep myself fit. I plan to go to medical school after I graduate from college.

Miranda Mooers Miranda Mooers

Major: Pre-Med/Biology, Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles
Started in Hirschi Lab: June 2004

I am a pre-med/biology major going into my senior year at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Calif.. Since I had relatively little laboratory research exposure at my university, I wanted to gain experience and knowledge about basic research before I decide on a post-graduate degree. In the Hirschi Lab, I learned how a successful lab is run and what it takes individually to be in that lab. My interests are broad, but hopefully through the summer activities here, I will be able to narrow my focus a bit. Outside of science, I love to play sports, especially swimming for my college team.

Jose MiuraJose Miura

Major: Biochemistry, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: Spring 2003

I began working in Dr. Hirschi's lab in spring 2003 after two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras. My duties were mostly cleaning glassware and preparing media. I am a recipient of the Houston-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation scholarship and an official tutor of general chemistry for the American Chemical Society. My long term goal is to become a physician and conduct research in human genetics.

Conrad Ojong Conrad Ojong

Major: Biology, Texas Southern University
Started in Hirschi Lab: October 2004

Education is a very important aspect in the lives of every individual. Due to the strong love I have for education, I firmly hold on to my objective of becoming a research Dr. I left the Hirschi Lab to attend Texas A&M University in College Station. I spend some of my spare time watching movies and reading science fiction.

Jennifer Ellis Jennifer Ellis

Bachelor of Humanities, University of Houston, Clear Lake
Started in Hirschi Lab: Spring 2004

I graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake with a BA in Humanities in December 2002. Upon graduation I decided to return to college for nursing. I recently finished up my pre-requisites and am getting ready to apply to nursing school. My goal is to be a midwife and possibly use my training in under-privileged arenas.

Shardool ShuklaShardool Shukla

Started in Hirschi Lab: February 2003

I am a student at the University of Houston - Main Campus, trying to enter into Pharmacy School in hopes of pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research or nuclear pharmacy.

Ian Rees Ian Rees

Major: Biochemistry, University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: May 2003

I am a senior biochemistry major at the University of Houston working towards a career in basic research. In the Hirschi Lab, I am responsible for anything involving computers, electronics, or photography, in addition to normal lab duties such as bench work, watering plants, etc. In the real world, I enjoy street photography.

Jinesh Lachmansingh Jinesh Lachmansingh

B.A. Biology, University of Texas - Austin, 2002
Started in Hirschi Lab: August 2002

My older brother, Jeewan, worked for Dr. Hirschi last year and I took his position in August 2002 after he left to attend law school. I graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. I have research experience as a Baylor College of Medicine summer student for Farook Jahoor in 1998, Dr. Ashok Balasubramanyam in 1999, and Dr. Amy Davidson in 2001. These previous projects include the predisposition of Mexican-Americans to type II diabetes due to adrenoceptor mutations, the metabolic syndromes induced by protease inhibitors in patients with HIV, and the transport function of maltose binding protein. I began my studies at Texas Tech Medical School in August 2004.

Tek Williams Tek Williams

Major: Biochemistry, University of Houston Downtown
Started in Hirschi Lab: June 2003

I am originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica and am a sophomore at the University of Houston-Downtown majoring in Biotechnology. I developed a fascination with medical sciences and have made it my goal to earn a degree in medicine or medical science with a focus on research.

Aditi PanchalAditi Panchal

Major: Biology (pre-med), University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: Fall 2001

In Dr. Kendal Hirschi's lab, I mainly prepared media and did dishes, but I also had an opportunity to do some basic research. Within the next few years, I hope to attend a medical school and pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon.

Ravish Kapoor Ravish Kapoor

Major: Biology (pre-med), University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: Fall 2001

My pursuit in life is medicine and hope to, one day, practice cardiology. Within Dr. Hirschi's lab, I had numerous tasks on a daily basis. Other than my essential duties such as washing dishware and preparing media, I learned what the subject of Plant Physiology is all about. I assisted in the research being conducted to the best of my abilities and learned a great deal by being employed at the Children's Nutrition Research Center.

Rachna PatelRachna Patel

B.A. Biology, Baylor University, 2001
Started in Hirschi Lab: September, 2002

I began working here in September of 2002 as a Research Technician. In the future I hope to be a successful PA, loving wife, and caring mother.

Jeewan Lachmansingh Jeewan Lachmansingh

B.A. Biology, University of Texas - Austin, 2000
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 1999
Returned Summer 2001

I have enjoyed two stints in the Hirschi Lab and have learned many things about science. The knowledge that I have gained hopefully will be put to good use as I earn my law degree at Texas Southern University.

Tian Zhao Tian Zhao

Major: Biology (pre-med), University of Texas - Austin
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2002

In Dr. Hirschi's lab, I was responsible for a variety of tasks: from making media to planting seeds. I have gained much knowledge about molecular biology techniques during my stay here at the CNRC. Hopefully, these techniques will aid me in my future research endeavors.

Deepa ReedyDeepa Reedy

Major: Biology (pre-med), University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab: Summer 2000

In the Hirschi Lab I mainly prepared media and did dishes; however, I've also done some basic research. I hope to attend medical school and study epidemiology and infectious disease.

Thomas GageThomas Gage

Major: Psychology (pre-med), University of Houston
Started in Hirschi Lab:Winter 2000

In the Hirschi Lab, I mostly did the dishes and worked with the plants. My goal is to attend medical school in Texas and ultimately to pursue a career in pediatrics.

Shawn DurraniShawn Durrani

Major: Biology, University of Houston
Worked in the Hirschi Lab: 1999-2001

Although I was initially hired in a introductory position for students, under the guidance of Kendal and Toshiro my skills have grown to include many aspects of basic research. Outside of education and research, I spend most of my time performing with my band, Free Radicals. After graduating from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Biology, I would like to move to New York city, apply to graduate schools in the area, and devote more time to my music.