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CNRC - Hirschi Lab

Houston, Texas

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CNRC - Hirschi Lab
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Research Associates

Jian Yang

  • B.S. (2003) Biological Sciences, Beijing University, P. R. China
  • Ph.D. (2011) Plant biology, University of Texas at Austin

Job title: Postdoctoral Associate
Started in Hirschi Lab: September 2011

I am interested in understanding the mechanisms by which plants respond to heat stress. Previous studies in Hirschi lab show that Arabidopsis monothiol glutaredoxin AtGRXS17 is involved in plant heat tolerance. By using a genetic suppressor screen, I wish to identify additional proteins that are involved in AtGRXS17 mediated heat tolerance. I am also interested in identifying micro-domains responsible for the interaction of Arabidopsis cation/proton exchangers (CAX), particularly CAX1 and 3. Preliminary results show that the GXXXG micro-domains in the transmembrane region are important for the interaction of CAX halves (CAXs are roughly topologically symmetrical). By using site directed mutagenesis, BiFC and genetic studies in plants, I wish to test the hypothesis that GXXXG micro-domains are important for interaction of CAX1 and 3 in planta which in turn are important for CAX1 and 3 functions in plants.

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