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Dr. StuffJanice Stuff, Ph.D., R.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine

Nutritional Epidemiology

I am interested in a combined approach using epidemiology, statistics and dietary methodology to understand the role of nutrition in chronic diseases and public health problems.

One of my research interests is to understand dietary carcinogen and chemopreventive exposure, the genetic susceptibility to dietary carcinogens, and their interaction as determinants for cancer. I am developing and validating databases of N-nitroso compounds and isothiocyanate compounds in foods, to investigate their role in the development and prevention of cancer. Another interest is to investigate the role of diet, body composition, hormone levels in the development of risk factors for breast cancer.

Another major focus of my research is linked to the Delta NIRI (Nutrition Intervention Research Initiative). This initiative is coordinated by the USDA/ARS, who funds six institutions in Arkansas , Louisiana and Mississippi . The aims of this initiative are to measure the nutrition and health status of individuals and communities in the Lower Mississippi Delta region and to design appropriate interventions that improve their health and well-being. This project also investigates the impact of food insecurity on the health, nutritional requirements and nutritional status of children. Other areas of interest include nutritional interventions for children in high-risk low-income areas.

Representative publications:

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