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Roman ShypailoRoman Shypailo

Instructor/Biophysical Engineering
Baylor College of Medicine



Research Interests:

The unprecedented growth of technology during the past decade has created a challenging situation for today's researcher. Powerful computers and related data acquisition equipment allows one to accumulate information much faster than before. Processing this information, however, is not trivial. The Body Composition Laboratory houses a number of sophisticated instruments designed to measure the elemental composition of the human body using nuclear-based techniques. Each of these instruments is in a dynamic state of evolution. In addition to processing thousands of measurements each year, we are constantly working to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of each device. Additionally, the information that does come from these measurements must be efficiently managed and distributed. New measurement systems are being developed as well:

*A multi-parameter whole body counter capable of isolating and measuring a signal coming from a specific site of the body.

*A portable 40K counter for use in a hospital setting.

Coordinating this effort, as well as incorporating new technology, is my main focus.


Representative Publications:

Abrams SA, Griffin IJ, Hawthorne KM, Chen Z, Gunn SK, Wilde M, Darlington G, Shypailo RJ, Ellis KJ. Vitamin D receptor Fok1 polymorphisms affect calcium absorption, kinetics, and bone mineralization rates during puberty. J Bone Miner Res. 20(6):945-953, 2005.

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