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Children's Nutrition Research Center - Faculty

Houston, Texas

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Children's Nutrition Research Center - Faculty
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Morey W. Haymond, M.D.

Morey W. Haymond, M.D.Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine


Research Interest

Hormonal Regulation of Nutrient Oxidation

The focus of my research program is to delineate and ultimately manipulate the hormone and substrate factors that regulate the absorption, assimilation, mobilization and disposal of carbohydrates in infants and children. The delicate balance of nutrient availability to meet the energy and growth needs of children are frequently disturbed as a result of chronic disease, infection, trauma and/or organ failure. In addition, the increasing incidence of both type I and type II diabetes provides unique opportunities to study the effects of insulin, insulin resistance and obesity on macronutrient assimilation in children.

These issues are being addressed in infants, children, and adults and, when necessary, in animals. Specific studies utilize a variety of stable isotopic tracer techniques to estimate insulin sensitivity, absorption of carbohydrates, proteolysis, protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis, carbohydrate disposal, and substrate oxidation.

Studies currently underway explore the impact of diet composition (fat and carbohydrate) on glucose homeostatis and macronutrient accretion, the impact of lactation on glucose homeostasis, the precursors for lactose production by the mammary gland as well as the factor(s) which regulate it, and the regulation of galactose and fructose metabolism by the liver.

The primary research tools employed are GC/MS, GC/combustion/IR/MS, IR/MS, indirect calorimetry and standard hormone and substrate analyses. These sophisticated analytical techniques, together with well-controlled study designs, permits us to address a number of fundamental questions in the assimilation and disposal of macronutrients in children.

Representative Publications

Sunehag AL, Toffolo G, Campioni M, Bier DM, Haymond MW. Effects of dietary macronutrient intake on insulin sensitivity and secretion and glucose and lipid metabolism in healthy, obese adolescents. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 90(8):4496-502, 2005.

Heptulla RA, Rodriguez LM, Bomgaars L, Haymond MW. The role of amylin and glucagon in the dampening of glycemic excursions in children with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes. 54(4):1100-1107, 2005.

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Kaplan W, Rodriguez LM, Smith OE, Haymond MW, Heptulla RA. Effects of mixing glargine and short-acting insulin analogs on glucose control. Diabetes Care. 27(11):2739-2740, 2004.

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