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Dr. Sheryl O. HughesSheryl O. Hughes, PhD

Assistant Professor, Developmental Psychology
Baylor College of Medicine


BA, Home Economics; Texas Christian University
MSW, Social Work; University of Houston
MA, Developmental Psychology; University of Houston
PhD, Developmental Psychology; University of Houston


My research focuses on the impact of parent-child interactions in the feeding context on the dietary intake and body mass index of children. My areas of expertise include parenting, feeding patterns, parental affect, and child temperament, including the measurement of these constructs in low-income populations.

I am currently the Principle Investigator on a study entitled “Feeding Patterns, Dietary Intake, and Overweight in Minority Families with Preschoolers”. This is an observational study conducted with Head Start families to determine the impact of parental emotional expression in feeding (e.g., giving threatening looks when the child does not eat, smiling at the child while serving vegetables) on children’s dietary intake. The results of this study will be incorporated into key messages disseminated to parents through the Just in Time Parenting series being developed by a multi-state team of Cooperative Extension Specialists. By teaching parents the best way to interact with young children around feeding, it is expected that parents will foster healthier eating among preschool children thus impacting the incidence of childhood obesity at an early age.


Caregiver’s Feeding Styles Questionnaire (CFSQ)
Scoring for the CFSQ

Representative Publications:

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