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Dr. Judy HopkinsonJudy Hopkinson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine

Physiology of Human Lactation

The goal of my research is to characterize physiological, behavioral, and nutritional factors associated with lactation performance.   

Outcome measures for recently initiated community intervention studies include duration of lactation, prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding, and infant health.  Outcome measures for physiological studies include maternal milk production and composition, changes in maternal bone and body composition during and after lactation, and infant growth and development. Each of these are considered in relation to energy expenditure and energy requirements in concert with our larger research team. 

My current research can be divided into two areas: 1) variations in bone density, body composition, and energy balance during and after lactation in relation to milk production, maternal dietary calcium, physical activity, and duration of postpartum amenorrhea. 2) Impact of community based interventions on breastfeeding behavior of low-income minority women.

In addition, I work cooperatively with other organizations to enhance the knowledge and skills of maternal and child health professionals in the area of lactation management. For example, I helped develop and currently instruct the "Intensive Course in Breastfeeding" workshops offered by the Texas Department of Health and produced a self-study module on lactation management for premature infants for the International Lactation Consultants' Association.

As a member of the CNRC's Nutrition Information Service (NIS), I serve as a local and national resource for health-care professionals, and I work with members of the media who are interested in the latest research on lactation as well as general breastfeeding information. 

Professional service roles include the editorial review board of the Journal of Human Lactation, the Health Advisory Board for La Leche League International, and co-chair of the Harris County Breastfeeding Coalition.

Representative publications:

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