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John F. Henry

Research Instructor
Baylor College of Medicine

Protein Metabolism and Amino Acid Requirements

My research interest is understanding the regulation of growth and protein deposition by diet and the influence of other environmental variables such as stress. In particular, I am interested in the regulation of protein turnover and amino acid metabolism as it impacts the metabolic efficiency and nutritional requirements of infant mammals. The research utilizes in-vivo studies with stable isotopes in young pigs.

My research focus for the immediate future will be the study of amino acid biosynthesis and the role of amino acids as biosynthetic precursors. This work will entail the use of uniformly 13C-labeled substrates and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to measure multiple mass isotopomers of a wide variety of organic precursors and metabolic products. It will focus on the metabolism of the cells of the intestine.

Representative publications:

Stoll B, Henry J, Reeds PJ, Yu H, Jahoor F, Burrin D. Catabolism dominates the first-pass intestinal metabolism of dietary essential amino acids in milk protein-fed piglets. J Nutr 128:606-614, 1998.

Reeds PJ, Burrin D, Stoll B, Jahoor F, Wykes L, Henry J, Frazer ME. Enteral glutamate is the preferential source for mucosal glutathione synthesis in fed piglets. Am J Physiol 273 (Endocrinol Metab 36): E408-E415, 1997.

Jahoor F, Wykes LJ, Reeds PJ, Henry JF, Del Rosario MP, Frazer ME. Protein-deficient pigs cannot maintain reduced glutathione homeostasis when subjected to the stress of inflammation. J Nutr 125: 1462-1472, 1995.

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