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Dr. BierDennis M. Bier, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine
Director, CNRC

Attending Physician
Section of GI and Nutrition
Texas Children's Hospital

Regulation of Interorgan Transport of Metabolic Fuels

My primary research interest is the regulation of interorgan transport of metabolic fuels.  Specifically, this interest encompasses the substrate and hormone regulation of glucose, lipid and protein/amino acid fuels.  Under this rubric, my work has extended in two principal directions.  The first entails the regulation of endogenous fuel availability for metabolic functions when a subject is ill and incapable of ingesting adequate quantities of food.  The second involves the assessment of the metabolic fates of ingested, exogenous fuels under various classical nutritional circumstances.

To accomplish these aims, my associates and I have developed and employed a wide variety of stable-isotope tracer kinetic methods to quantify substrate flux, metabolism, precursor-product relationships, and irreversible oxidation of excreted end products.  The physiological information thus obtained has also been used to further assess aberrations in interorgan fuel transport consequent to a wide variety of pathological conditions.  In the upcoming years, I will continue to employ stable isotope kinetic modeling approaches to address important developmental and clinical questions concerning the regulation of fuel transport in infants and children.

Representative publications:

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