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Children's Nutrition Research Center - Faculty

Houston, Texas

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Children's Nutrition Research Center - Faculty
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Theresa A. Nicklas, DrPH

Theresa A. Nicklas, Ph.D.Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine


Curriculum vitae (download .pdf)

Research Interests

Epidemiologic and Behavioral Approaches to Healthier Lifestyles

My research interests encompass both the epidemiological and intervention aspects of chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Specifically, how do eating behaviors and other lifestyles influence the development of chronic disease risk factors early in life? Also, what are the behavioral factors influencing the development of adverse lifestyles early in life? Before we can effectively intervene to prevent chronic disease risk, we first need to understand the factors that mediate one's risk. Areas of interest include:

  • Environmental factors influencing the development of eating patterns early in childhood
  • How these eating patterns relate to the onset of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes
  • Effective intervention strategies for changing and maintaining healthful behavior changes, particularly in children and adolescents

A current area of research involves a detailed investigation of the relationship between eating patterns and obesity in children and young adults. Planned studies include an examination of family and caregiver influence on eating patterns of preschool children from different ethnic groups; a family-based intervention program for prevention of obesity; and a longitudinal study investigating factors that influence the development of eating patterns early in childhood, and determining whether these eating patterns track into adulthood or are predictive of obesity between childhood and adulthood. Dr. Nicklas has published more than 250 scientific papers, 6 book chapters and 5 monographs. She is author of the American Dietetic Association position paper on Dietary Guidance for Healthy Children Ages 2-11 years and she served on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Her areas of expertise are cardiovascular health and nutritional epidemiology, child nutrition, and health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

Download food preference assessment tool for preschool children below. (Links are to .exe programs, which should be downloaded to a PC for viewing -- requires FLASH):

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Acknowledgements: YMS Consulting and the Character Lab, Arcadia, CA; E-Smart Choice, LaCanada, CA; Archimage, Houston, TX

Representative Publications

Wroten KC, O’Neil CE, Stuff JE, Liu Y, Nicklas TA. Resemblance of Dietary Snacks, Sweets, Fruits, and Vegetables Among Mother-child Dyads from Low-Income Families. Appetite. 2012;59(2):316-323

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