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2000 Media Interviews

Dennis M. Bier, M.D.

  • "Commercially Prepared Transition Foods for Babies." By Tara Pope, The Wall Street Journal.
  • "Vegetarian Teens." By Marni Jamison, The Los Angeles Times.
  • "Herbal Supplements and Kids." By Paula Kurtzweiler, Federal Trade Commission magazine.
  • "Cardiovascular Disease Begins in Childhood." By Jeanie Davis, WebMD.
  • "Childhood Obesity." By Richard Saltus, Boston Globe.
  • "Infant Formulas." By Marti Mountford, International Formula Council.
  • "Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits." By Better Homes and Gardens
  • "Promotions for Kids' Dietary Supplements Leave Sour Taste." By FTC Consumer.
  • "Fat in Children's Diets." By Kara Corridan, Child magazine.
  • "Vegetarian Kids." By Harriet Bannovic, Time magazine.
  • "The New Growth Charts." By Colleen Piera, Child magazine.

Karen Cullen, Dr. P.H., R.D., L.D.

  • "Picky Eaters." By Christi Myers, KTRK-TV channel 13, Houston.
  • "Healthy Breakfasts on the Go." By Linda Heinrich, Fox-TV channel 26, Houston.
  • "Family Dinner Time." By Jacqueline Stenson, MSNBC.com.
  • "TV, Dinner and Overweight Kids." By Alicia Blalock, Reuters.

Debby K. Demory-Luce, PhD., R.D., L.D.

  • "Can Fast Food Be Healthy?" By Carol Sorgen, cbshealthwatch.medscape.com.
  • "Why Whole Milk for 1- to 2-year-old Children." By Kerry Hillard, Baby Talk magazine.
  • "The USDA's School Breakfast Program." By Nicole Wycislo, Wholly Guacamole.
  • "The USDA's School Breakfast Program." By Natalia Martinez, D.C. Daily.
  • "Vegetarian Diets for Teens." By Susan Hayes, Scholastic magazine.
  • "Halloween Tips for Children Aged 3-5 and 6-8." By Kim Wallace, babycenter.com.
  • "Breakfast Tips." By Gay Frankenfeld, WebMD.
  • "Vegetarian Diets for Children." By Suzy Kazenchek, Parents Magazine.
  • "The Allergy-free Child." By Wyatt Myers, Prevention Books.

Kathleen J. Motil, M.D., Ph.D.

  • "Gene Therapy and IRB Oversight." By National Public Radio News, Washington, D.C.
  • "Herbal Use in Children." By Arthritis Today.
  • "Advocacy for Rett Syndrome." By Redbook.
  • "Institutional Review Boards." By Houston Chronicle.
  • "Soy Formula Use in Infants." By Nutrinews.com.
  • "Herbal Use in Children." By San Jose Mercury News.
  • "Power Bars and Children." By Working Mother.

Theresa A. Nicklas, Dr. P.H., L.N.

  • "Fruit and Vegetable Capsules." By KHOU-TV, Channel 11, Houston.
  • "Added Sweeteners in Children's Diets." By Healthscout.com.
  • "Childhood Interventions for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease." By WebMD.
  • "Low Fat/High Fiber Diets for Kids." By Total Nutrition News Radio.
  • "Pay Attention to Nutrition When Choosing Child Day Care." By Reuters.
  • "Consider Nutrition When Choosing Daycare." By WebMD.
  • "Childhood Obesity." By Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
  • "Fortified Foods for Kids." By Child magazine.
  • "Carbonated Beverages and Kids' Health." By CBSHealthWatch.com.
  • The Relationship Between Intake of Sugars and Obesity." By Chicago Tribune.
  • "U.S. Dietary Guidelines Put New Emphasis on Exercise." By Reuters.
  • "Dietary Supplements and Children." By The Seattle Times.
  • "Nutrition and Day Care." By babycenter.com.
  • "Kids and Herbal Supplements." By North County Times.
  • "How to Set Your Baby on a Heart-healthy Course." By WebMD.
  • "Kids and Breakfast." By Texas State Radio Network.
  • "Nutrition Rules That Even Smart Moms Don't Know." By Family Life magazine.
  • "Kids' Behavior: Only as Good as Their Breakfast." By WebMD.
  • "Childhood Obesity: Growing Problem in U.S." By Reuters.

Richard J. Schanler, M.D.

  • "Can Nutrition Make Kids Smarter?" By KRIV-TV 26, Houston.

Robert J. Shulman, M.D.

  • "Cisapride." By Houston Chronicle.
  • "Early Feeding of Preterm Infants." By USDA Radio.
  • "Dehydration in Children." By Channel 2 TV, Houston.

William W. Wong, Ph.D.

  • "The Effect on Serum Lipids and Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein of Supplementing Self-selected Low-fat Diets with Soluble Fiber, Soy, and Vegetable Protein Foods." By Jeanie Davis, WebMD.
  • "The Health Benefits of Soy Protein and Soy Isoflavones." By David Sharp, Consumer Report on Health.
  • Possible Healthy Benefits of Soy in Postmenopausal Women." By Molly Gee, KTRK-TV channel 13.


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