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Dennis M. Bier, M.D.

"Fat in Children's Diets." By Kara Corridan, Child magazine, September 13, 2000
"Vegetarian Kids." By Harriet Bannovic, Time magazine, September 26, 2000.
"Infant Formulas." By Karen Rothenopergle, CBS Evening News, May 3, 2001.
"Gas Chromatography." By Gary Matsumoto, ABC News, May 3, 2001.

Joan B. Carter, M.B.A.

"Shopping the Farmers' Market for Great Nutrition." Ladies' Home Journal, June 5, 2001.
"Butter vs. Margarine." Health magazine, June 12, 2001.
"Dieting Strategies Change with Age." Fitness magazine, June 21, 2001.
"Do Kids Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?" Digestive Health & Nutrition magazine, June 25, 2001.
"How Fattening Is Beer?" Men's Health, June 26, 2001.
"What to Do When Your Child Decides to Be a Vegetarian." The (Portland) Oregonian newspaper, June 26, 2001.

Karen Cullen, Dr. P.H.

"Family Dinner Time." By Jacqueline Stenson, MSNBC.com, October 17, 2000.
"TV, Dinner and Overweight Kids." By Alicia Blalock, Reuters, October 25, 2000.
"TV, Obesity, and Family Dinner." By David Mendel, Healthsurfing.com,November 9, 2000.
"Antioxidants and Cancer Prevention." By Susan Steves, WEBMD, November 21, 2000.
"TV, Dinner and Children." By Sherry Jacobsen, The Dallas Morning News, January 26, 2001.
"Childhood Obesity." By Patricia Gras, KUHT-TV, Houston, Texas, January 30, 2001.
"Nutrition for Children." By Kathy Hoffman, Time Magazine for Kids, January 31,2001.
"TV, Dinner and Children." By Nancy Hellmich, USA Today, February 14, 2001.
"Family Dinner and TV." By Ruth Koscielak, RK Radio Network, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 16, 2001.
"Soft Drinks and Preschool Children." By Mindy Hermann, Parenting magazine, April 20, 2001.
"TV, Meals and Children." By HL Cummings, Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 24, 2001.
"Healthy Eating for Children." By Linda Conley, Spartansburg Herald Journal, Spartansburg, North Carolina, May 3, 2001.
"Fruit Juice Consumption in Children." By Jeanne Harris, WEBMD, May 3, 2001.
"Toddler Nutrition." By Mindy Hermann, Parents magazine, June 8, 2001.


Debby K. Demory-Luce, Ph.D.

"Vegetarian Diets for Teens." By Susan Hayes, Scholastic magazine, July 13, 2000.
"Halloween Tips for Children Aged 3-5 and 6-8." By Kim Wallace, Babycenter.com, September 14, 2000.
"Kid's Behavior: Only as Good as Their Breakfast." By Gay Frankenfeld, WebMD.com, September 19, 2000.
"Vegetarianism for Teens." By Jane Duden, Capstone Press, September 22, 2000.
"Vegetarian Diets for Children." By Suzy Kuzemchak, Parents magazine, September 28, 2000.
"Diet Tricks Boost Iron Absorption?" By Kids' Health Briefs, BCM, November 1, 2000.
"Ready to Go." Chicago Tribune, November 1, 2000.
"The Allergy-free Child." By Wyatt Myers, Prevention Books, November 17, 2000.
"Multivitamins and Safety in Children, Age 2-4, Age 5-8, and Age 9-12;""How Low-fat Should a Child's Diet Be?;" "What to Do if Your Child Refuses to Eat Food from the Protein Group;" and "Sugar and Hyperactivity." By Leah Ingram, Parentcenter.com, December 12, 2000.
"Importance of Breakfast." By Rachel Rabkin, Sports Illustrated for Women, December 14, 2000.
"The ABC Way to Build a Very Nutritious Lunch." Keeping Well Journal, January 1, 2001.
"Calcium-rich Snacks for Kids with Milk Allergies." By Molly Brown, Rodale Health Books, February 13, 2001.
"How to Get the Most Iron from Foods." By Leah McCollum, Fitness magazine, February 14, 2001.
"Hidden Terms for Milk and Eggs for Kids with Food Allergies." By Molly Brown, Rodale Health Books, February 14, 2001

Morey Haymond, M.D.

"The History of Texas Children's Hospital." By Betsy Parish, for her forthcoming book, June 6, 2001.
"Type 2 Diabetes in Children." By Jordana Wells, for Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Network TV program, June 14, 2001.


Kathleen J. Motil, M.D., Ph.D.

"Think Twice Before Giving Kids Herbal Supplements." By Kids' Health Briefs, August 1, 2000.
"Gene Therapy and IRB Oversight." By National Public Radio News, Washington, D.C., August 24, 2000.
"Herbal Use in Children." By Arthritis Today, September 6, 2000.
"Advocacy for Rett Syndrome." By Redbook, September 7, 2000.
"Institutional Review Boards." By Houston Chronicle, September 19, 2000.
"Soy Formula Use in Infants." By Nutrinews.com, October 2, 2000.
"Herbal Use in Children." By San Jose Mercury News, October 11, 2000.
"Power Bars and Children." By Working Mother, October 26, 2000.

Theresa A. Nicklas, Dr. P.H.

"Nutrition and Day Care." By BabyCenter.com, July 24, 2000.
"Kids and Herbal Supplements." By the North County (California) Times, August 9, 2000.
"Kids and Breakfast." By Texas State Networks (a radio station network), August 11, 2000.
"How to Set Your Baby on a Heart Healthy Course." By WebMDHealth, August 21, 2000.
"Nutrition Rules That Even Smart Moms Don't Know." By Family Life magazine, August 23, 2000.
"Kids' Behavior: Only as Good as Their Breakfast." ByWebMDHealth, September, 2000.
"Incorporating Soy: Meat Substitute Gains Respect as High Cholesterol Buster." By HealthSurfing.com, January 2, 2001.
"Kids' TV Watching Linked to Unhealthy Eating Habits." By CNN, January 8, 2001.
"Ten Facts You Must Know About Feeding Your Kids." By Parents magazine, February 2001.
"Children Eating Better, But Weighing More." By Reuters Health, May 22, 2001.

William W. Wong, Ph.D.

"Childhood Obesity". In "Focus on Health with Karen Johnson," KHOU-TV Channel 11, Houston, Texas, November 23, 2000


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