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CNRC - Abrams Lab

Houston, Texas

Images depicting the Abram lab's research work
Steven Abrams' Micronutrient Research Lab
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Abrams' Micronutrient Research Lab

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Adams' Lab - photo 2006

Who Are We?

The Abams' lab is comprised of a group of scientists who use stable isotopes to answer clinically relevant questions related to minerals and human health.

Three pediatricians, one of whom is also an internist, head our group; the other two are clinically practicing neonatal-perinatal specialists. All three physicians maintain an active medical practice.

We are supported by specialty-trained pediatric dietitians, pediatric nurses as well as doctoral and master’s level associates in the laboratory and research center.

We have a special commitment to medical student education in nutritional research and support and training of students at all levels.

Lab Objectives

  • Conduct physiological studies of minerals so as to understand nutritional requirements, especially in healthy children.
  • Support and enhance those in other countries who wish to use this method for various purposes. This is done by conducting all clinical research activities related to non-US studies in the country proposing the study.
  • Actively train scientists and physicians throughout the world in the use of stable isotope methods.
  • Integrate nutritional and other patient care education related to children, especially newborns, with our research activities.
  • Support and enhance breast-feeding/human milk and appropriate weaning foods through our research and educational programs. To promote scientific training and exchange in nutrition, especially in developing countries.

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