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Children's Nutrition Research Center

Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center - CNRC
USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
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USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center

The Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) is an unique cooperative venture between Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital and the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service. It is one of six USDA/ARS human nutrition research centers in the country. More >.

Nutrition News

How Does Mom’s Nutrition Affect Her Children’s Health? View the article.

A CNRC internet program has helped some 8- to 10-year-old African-American girls.Robert Waterland and technician Eleonora Laritsky measure DNA methylation to determine how it changes the activity of genetically identical cells.

Now You Have That Excuse You Needed to Get a Smartphone View the article.

A CNRC internet program has helped some 8- to 10-year-old African-American girls.When the app "Kiddio: Food Fight!" rolls out, it will offer parents a series of episodes playable on a smartphone that will help them find the best techniques to encourage their picky preschoolers to eat more fruits and veggies. Photo by USDA-FNS.

Interactive Nutrition Calculators

Nutrition Resources

small image of the Nutrition and Your Child newsletterNew Issue of Nutrition and Your Child: A fresh new look with informative nutrition articles. Download the new issue. Find archived issues here.
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small image of the Nutrition and Your Child newsletterUSDA/ARS Agricultural Research Magazine: This issue focuses on childhood obesity, and spotlights research conducted at the CNRC. Download

an illustration from the Food Preference Assessment ToolCommercials: The CNRC has produced vegetable and fruit commercials to encourage children's healthy eating habits. View a sample of the commercials.(English) (Spanish).

small image of a posterBuilding Healthy Families: A unique educational intervention focuses on family goal setting supported by parenting tips related to the latest healthy food and nutrition information. This is a set of six educational videos and supporting materials developed at the Children's Nutrition Research Center. All of the materials for the participants, including the videos are in both English and Spanish. View the materials.

New Projects

small image of a posterUSDA Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education Innovations: A competitive process to solicit, evaluate, and fund researcher-initiated, innovative WIC nutrition education projects to improve target behaviors. More information.