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Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

Houston, Texas

Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
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Gianpietro Dotti, M.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
Baylor College of Medicine

Phone: 832-824-6891


  • M.D., University of Milan, Italy
  • Fellow, Department of Hematology, University of Parma, Italy
  • Fellow, Molecular Biology, Department of Hematology, OR Bergamo, Italy
  • Fellow, Cancer vaccine, Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine

Research Interests

Dotti’s current research interest is the development of immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of human malignancies. One of the major interests of the laboratory is the genetic modification of T lymphocytes to target specific antigens using chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). Moreover, we are currently exploring genetic manipulation to improve T cell persistence and expansion and strategies to overcome tumor escape mechanisms.

Selected Publications

  • Savoldo B. Rooney CM, Di Stasi A, Abken H, Hombach A, Foster AE, Zhang L, Heslop HE, Brenner MK, Dotti G. Epstein Barr Virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes expressing the anti-CD30(zeta) artificial chimeric T-cell receptor for immunotherapy of Hodkin’s disease. Blood. 2007;110:2620-30.
  • Quintarelli C, Vera J, Savoldo B. Giordano G, Pule M, Foster A, Heslop HE, Rooney CM, Brenner MK, Dotti G. Co-expression of cytokine and suicide genes to enhance the activity and safety of tumor specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Blood. 2007; 110:2793-802.
  • Foster A, Brenner M, Dotti G. Adoptive T-Cell Immunotherapy of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Best Pract Res Clin Haematol. 2008 Sep;21(3):375-89.
  • Quintarelli C, Dotti G, De Angelis B, Hoyos V, Mims M, Luciano L, Heslop EH, Rooney CM, Pane F and Savoldo B. Cytotoxic T lymphocytes directed to the Preferentially Expressed Antigen of Melanoma (PRAME) target Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Blood. 2008;12:1876-1885.
  • Pule M, Savoldo B, Myers D, Rossig C, Russel H, Dotti G, Huls H, Gee A, Mei Z, Yvon E, Weiss H, Rooney CM, Heslop H, Brenner M. Virus-specific T cells engineered to coexpress tumor-specific receptors: persistence and antitumor activity in individuals with neuroblastoma. Nature Medicine. 2008 Nov;14(11):1264-70.
  • Vera J, Hoyos V, Savoldo B, Quintarelli, Giordano Attianese G, Leen AM, Liu H, Foster AE, Heslop HE, Rooney CM, Brenner KM and Dotti G. Genetic manipulation of tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes to restore responsiveness to IL-7. Molecular Therapy. 2009:17:880-8.
  • Di Stasi A, De Angelis, B, Rooney CM, Foster AE, Heslop HE, Brenner KM, Dotti G and Savoldo B. T lymphocytes co-expressing CCR4 and a chimeric antigen receptor targeting CD30 have improved homing and anti-tumor activity in a Hodgkin’s tumor model. Blood. 2009;113(25):6392-402.
  • Eric Yvon, Michele Del Vecchio, Barbara Savoldo, Valentina Hoyos, Aurélie Dutour, Giorgio Parmiani, Gianpietro Dotti, Malcolm K. Brenner. Immunotherapy of metastatic melanoma using genetically engineered GD2-specific T cells. Clinical Cancer Research. 2009;15:5852-60.
  • Dotti G, Tian M, Salvoldo B*, Najjar A, Cooper LJN, Jackson J, Smith A, Uthamanthil R, Borne A, Brammer D, Paolillo V, Alauddin M, Gonzalez C, Steiner D, Decker WK, Marini F, Kornblau S, Bollard CM, Shpall EJ, Gelovani J (2009) Repetitive noninvasive monitoring of HSV1-tk expressing T-cells intravenously infused into nonhuman primates using PET-CT with 18F-FEAU. Molecular Imaging. Molecular Imaging. Vol 8. 2009:230–237.
  • Gianpietro Dotti, Barbara Savoldo, Malcolm K Brenner. Fifteen years of gene therapy based on chimeric antigen receptors (CARs); "Are we nearly there yet?" Human Gene Therapy. 20:1229–1239 (November 2009).
  • De Angelis B, Dotti G, Quintarelli C, Huye LE, Zhang L, Zhang M, Pane F, Heslop HE, Brenner MK, Rooney CM, Savoldo B. Generation of Epstein-Barr-virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes resistant to the immunosuppressive drug tacrolimus (FK506).Blood. 2009;114:4784-91.
  • Vera JF, Brenner MK, Dotti G. Immunotherapy of human cancers using gene modified T lymphocytes. Curr Gene Ther. 2009;9:396-408.
  • Micklethwaite KP, Savoldo B, Hanley PJ, Leen AM, Demmler-Harrison GJ, Cooper LJ, Liu H, Gee AP, Shpall EJ, Rooney CM, Heslop HE, Brenner MK, Bollard CM, Dotti G. Derivation of human T-lymphocytes from cord blood and peripheral blood with antiviral and antileukemic specificity from a single culture as protection against infection and relapse after stem cell transplantation. Blood. 2010;115:2695-703.
  • Hoyos V, Savoldo B, Quintarelli C, Mahendravada A, Zhang M, Vera J, Heslop H, Rooney C, Brenner M and Dotti G. Engineering CD19-specific T lymphocytes with interleukin-15 and a suicide gene to enhance their anti-lymphoma/leukemia effects and safety. Leukemia. 2010;24:1160-70.
  • Jena B, Dotti G, Cooper LJ. Redirecting T-cell specificity by introducing a tumor-specific chimeric antigen receptor. Blood. 2010 Aug 19;116(7):1035-44.
  • Ramos CA, Asgari Z, Liu E, Yvon E, Heslop HE, Rooney CM, Brenner MK, Dotti G. An Inducible Caspase 9 Suicide Gene to Improve the Safety of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapies. Stem Cells. 2010 Jun;28(6):1107-15.

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