1932 – Dr. Michael E. DeBakey invents roller pump that is used in heart-lung machine.

1948 – Dr. DeBakey joins BCM as the Chair of the Department of Surgery.

1953 – Dr. DeBakey performs first removal of blockage in carotid artery.

1953 – Development of Dacron artificial grafts for cardiac bypass surgery.

1956 – Dr. DeBakey performs first patch graft angioplasty.

1958 – Dr. Paul Ellis and Dr. Leroy Kleinsasser perform Baylor's first open heart surgery.

1958 – Dr. DeBakey performs first successful Patch Graft Angioplasty.

1960 – Development of artificial heart begins.

1963 – The first live TV broadcast of a heart valve operation.

1964 – Dr. DeBakey performs first successful coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

1966 – Dr. DeBakey performs the first successful Clinical Application of Left Ventricular Bypass Pump.

1978 – The Michael E. DeBakey Center for Biomedical Education and Research is created.

1983 – Research on atherosclerosis commenced by Dr. DeBakey and Dr. Joseph Melnick.

1985 – The DeBakey Heart Center is created.

1987 – Dr. DeBakey, Dr. Melnick and their associates determined that cytomegalovirus infection at a young age could lead to the development of atherosclerosis later in life.

1998 – Dr. DeBakey develops Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) with assistance from NASA.

2000 – First DeBakey micro VAD implanted in an American patient.