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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

Giving life to possible

Cardiovascular Research Institute

Arrhythmias, Channelopathies

Theme Leaders

Miguel Valderrabano, M.D. - New clinical therapies for atrial fibrillation, defibrillation, optical mapping of arrhythmias

Xander Wehrens, M.D., Ph.D. - Atrial fibrillation, calcium handling, inherited arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies, heart failure

Research Faculty

Anne Anderson, M.D. - Cellular mechanisms of epileptogenesis in immature brain

John Belmont, M.D.  - CV genetics, cardiovascular malformations and connective tissue disorders

Robert Bryan, Ph.D. - Cerebrovascular circulation, EDHF in cerebral arteries, traumatic brain injury, K channels

Thomas Cooper, M.D. - Alternative splicing in cardiac development and disease

William Craigen, M.D. - Genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, mitochondrial function

Yuxin Fan, M.D., Ph.D. - Diagnostic tests for acquired and genetic cardiac diseases, viral myocarditis

Alica Goldman, M.D., Ph.D. - Genetic basis of epilepsy and channelopathies

Susan Hamilton, Ph.D. - Calcium handling, metabolic regulation ion channels

Craig Hartley, Ph.D. - Ultrasonic instrumentation for CV research, coronary blood flow

Frank Horrigan, Ph.D. - Mechanisms of ion channel gating, Ca-activated K channels

Jeffrey Jacot, Ph.D. - Regenerative therapies for congenital heart disease

Milan Jamrich, Ph.D. - Pattern formation and regeneration in mice and Xenopus

Kathryn Jones, DVM, Ph.D. - Chagas disease, vaccine development, animal models of heart disease

Seema Lalani, M.D. -* CHARGE syndrome, genetics of cardiovascular malformations

Hon-Chiu Leung, Ph.D. - Mass spectrometry

Na Li, Ph.D. - Atrial fibrillation mechanisms, microRNAs and arrhythmias, calcium handling

Sean Marrelli, Ph.D. - Regulation of cerebral blood flow, temperature-sensitive ion channels, KCa/TRP channels

James Martin, M.D., Ph.D. - Hippo, Wnt, Bmp signaling in development, regeneration, heart disease

Olga Medina-Martinez, Ph.D. - Molecular & cellular biology

Christina Miyake, MS, M.D. - Inherited cardiac arrhythmia syndromes

Jeffrey Neul, M.D., Ph.D. - Rett syndrome, neuronal regulation of cardiac function

Jeff Noebels, M.D. - Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, channelopathies

Daniel Penny, M.D., Ph.D., MHA - Cardiovascular hemodynamics in children with congenital heart disease

Corey Reynolds, Ph.D. - Animal models of heart disease, CV imaging

Anilkumar Reddy, Ph.D. - Doppler and physiological monitoring of small animals, hypertrophy, cardiac remodeling

Christian Schaaf, M.D. - Rett syndrome, cholinergic regulation cardiac function

George Taffet, M.D. - Age-related changes in heart and vasculature, calcium handling, diastolic heart failure

Ming-Jer Tsai, Ph.D. - COUP-TFs and co-regulators in development and disease

Sophia Tsai, Ph.D. - COUP-TF and vein identity, angiogenesis, diabetes and atrial fibrillation

Chandrasekhar Yallampalli, DVM, Ph.D. - Regulation of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism