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Community Network for Cancer Prevention

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Community Network for Cancer Prevention
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Awareness and Prevention

The OOHD works with community organizations to host plays for underserved populations in areas where there are high incidences of cancer. The OOHD, along with partners Harris Health System and American Cancer Society, puts on plays and monologues to raise awareness about cancer and educate about prevention. At all events, a guest doctor is present and participates in a Q & A session, so attendees have an opportunity to speak to a trained expert about cancer prevention.

"The Marriage Test"The Marriage Test

“The Marriage Test” was produced to educate the public about colorectol cancer in an entertaining and humorous way, while informing audiences about the importance of early screening and detection. It was about one family’s emotional reactions in learning that loved ones had been diagnosed with the disease. The play reveals how they react to this life-altering news and how they deal with the choices they must make about their lives and health with strength, humor, and wisdom.

“The Marriage Test” is a full-length play in English.

“Before Time Runs Out”

The story centers on Deloris Jones and Sam Williams. Sam, who is single, discovers that Deloris has breast cancer. Though he loves her, the reality of breast cancer causes him to question his role in her life. Deloris is forced to make a choice between life and losing the man in her life. With the help of friends, Deloris comes face-to-face with her own truth.Before Time Runs Out

“Before Time Runs Out” is a full-length play in English.

“Up Front with the Girls”

Most of us could use a friend like Jackie. A friend who tells it like it is and has our best interests at heart. A friend who can make us think and act to prevent a disease that has already claimed too many: breast cancer. Dynamic actress Jean Donatto brings Jackie to life in a unique and lively 20-minute performance developed in conjunction with doctors and educators from Baylor College of Medicine.

“Up Front with the Girls” is a 20-minute monologue in English.

"Educando a Papa"

Educando a PapaAnita is about to graduate, the first in her family to do so. Now she would like to share what she has learned through her beautiful songs. But the one who really needs an education is her father. Can Anita convince her papá to make the most important decision of his life? Educando a Papá is a play for Spanish-speaking audiences written by local playwright Adelina Venegas. It provides information about colon cancer screening using heart-felt emotion, music, and humor.

“Educando a Papa” is a full-length play in Spanish.

"Mi Decision"

Susana is a single mom just trying to make ends meet. When she discovers her friend Lulu is going to get a pap test, she wonders if she should get one too. Her mom and dad weigh in on the subject, but in the end, it is her decision. Mi Decisión delivers recommendations regarding prevention of cervical cancer in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way.

“Mi Decision” is a 20-minute monologue performed in Spanish.

Forum Theater

The Forum Theater Project, an education program and outreach strategy, is co-lead by the OOHD and Harris Health System. An interactive theater model that stimulates community involvement in problem-solving, Forum Theater consists of performances on the topics of colorectal and cervical cancer and is performed in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. See more details on Forum Theater.

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