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Community Network for Cancer Prevention

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Community Network for Cancer Prevention
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Healthy Lifestyle Resources

The OOHD offers a number of healthy lifestyle resources to educate a wide range of audiences on nutrition. Toni the Healthy Eating Cart is a bright and colorful go-cart, which serves to motivate people to eat more fruits and vegetables.

We offer free resources for educators that are easy-to-use in the classroom, including Germie the Unhealthy Car activity book. These resources are part of an OOHD initiative to help kids form healthy habits early. We also have kid-friendly games intended to teach people of all ages how to read food labels and properly portion their plates. Contact us with any questions about using our free, downloadable healthy lifestyle resources.

You Are What You EatTONI the Art Cart - Unique golf cart

The Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, under the supervision of their art teacher, Treena Rowan, and renowned artist and health professional, Shelley Buschur, designed and decorated a unique golf cart to take part in the Art Car Parade. The students came up with a theme that promotes healthy eating to decrease the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. The main theme is "You are what you eat".

Toni's appearances in Houston include Main Street Drag, the Art Car Sneak Peek, Neighborhood Centers Baker Ripley and the Children's Museum of Houston.

Salad Lady - Character

The Salad Lady is a lively character that will often accompany Toni to events. Her green costume and electric green hair draw children to the cart. She will pose to take pictures with kids young and old and remind them to eat their fruits and veggies every day!

"You Are What You Eat" keepsakes

Colorful keepsakes, such as bookmarks and fans with targeted nutrition tips can be distributed at community events. These have been specifically designed to portray a cartoon version of Toni the Art Cart. The bookmarks and fans are available in four different designs in English or Spanish.

Germie Activity Sheet“Germie the Unhealthy Car" - Activities for teachers and students

To increase awareness about the primary prevention of cancer among school-aged children, the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine collaborated with the Children's Nutrition Research Center at BCM and the Health Museum to create a fun, engaging cancer prevention activity sheet. “Germie the Unhealthy Car” is targeted to elementary-school children and is accompanied by easy-to-use lesson plans for teachers. Download a free printable copy of the "Germie the Unhealthy Car "activity packet. Contents include three lesson plans, adaptable for K-5:

  • “What does it mean to be healthy?: A healthy habits discussion guide”
  • “Muscle Madness: Active classroom games”
  • “Have a Rainbow for Dinner: Nutrition-focused drawing activity”

Create-A-Plate - The food portions game

The Create-a-Plate Game engages users into creating a properly portioned plate that is consistent with diabetes dietary guidelines. This online application has been adapted from American Diabetes Association “Rate Your Plate Game.” Users are asked to place each major food group (starches, vegetables and meats) on the plate in the right proportions. This teaching tool provides users with an easy-to-remember visual aid to healthy food portions.

Users’ learning is supported if they run into difficulties when creating a properly proportioned plate. The OOHD was recognized with a Bronze award for Create-a-Plate from the Summer/Fall 2013 Web Health Awards in the area of Medical Education.

What's In It? - The food label game

The What's in It? game engages users into what to look for in a food label and how to interpret different sections of the food label. In this online application, users are presented with food labels of popular food items and are asked to make choices.

Users are provided with immediate feedback based on their responses. The OOHD was recognized with a Gold award for "What's In It - The food label game" from the Summer/Fall 2013 Web Health Awards in the area of Medical Education.

The Supermarket Game

The Supermarket Game provides a fun, interactive way to teach users about the importance of healthy eating. In this online application, users learn how to select foods during a super market visit and their choices are evaluated for nutritional quality based on the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy, cereals, and lean meats.

The OOHD was recognized with a merit award in the category of Medical Education for "The Supermarket Game" in the Summer/Fall 2013 Web Health Awards.

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