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Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center

Houston, Texas

BCM has 25 departments and more than 90 research and patient-care centers.
Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center
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Adrienne Helis Malvin Medical Research Foundation and Diana Helis Henry Medical Research Foundation

Collaborative Research Projects

The Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center is soliciting proposals to conduct collaborative research with the Diana Helis Henry and the Adrienne Helis Malvin Medical Research Foundations. These projects will involve BCM and Medical Research Foundation's (MRF's) funded investigators and all research will be conducted at BCM. Projects will be funded for two to three years at a rate of approximately $300,000 in total cost per year. This is inclusive of rent paid to BCM for identified laboratory space and 15 percent indirect costs. Multiple projects will be funded through this mechanism. Projects in basic, translational, clinical, population based science, and drug development will be considered.

The unique collaborative relationship with these MRF's allows the DLDCC to target projects in areas of strategic scientific interest for the development of the Cancer Center consistent with the strategic plan of the center.

Investigators who are interested in applying for Helis funds should contact Bert O'Malley, C. Kent Osborne, David Poplack, or Tony Means with scientific questions. There are some unique administrative aspects to this research mechanism so please contact Ted Yank or Shari Yepez for administrative and budgetary guidance.

Please us the attached application form. Also, attached is a sample budget.

Deadline for final project submission is Nov. 6, 2013. Please e-mail applications to Shari Yepez at Project will be selected and funding will begin April 1, 2014.

Download the funding application form.

Download the sample budget.

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