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Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center

Houston, Texas

BCM has 25 departments and more than 90 research and patient-care centers.
Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center
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The V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation for Cancer Research has announced a new funding opportunity. Detailed information is on the V Foundation web site. Below is a brief summary of new funding opportunity:

V Scholar Grant

Description: Funding is available for laboratory based fundametal and translational research. Researchers who have secured their own R01 funding are not eligible for this award. Applicants with institutional K08 awards are eligible.

Amount: $100,000 per year for two years with a 0 percent indirect cost rate.

Application: Only one research project allowed from BCM.

A one page letter of intent for the project and current NIH biosketch should be sent to Shari Yepez ( on or before Tuesday, May 29, 2012. The letter of intent will be used by the Cancer Center Executive Committee to make a final decision on one nomination for the grant.

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