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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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2012 Journal Club Schedule

Director: Rachel Schiff

Noon - 1 p.m.
Pizza is provided.

Date Location Presenter Title Host
Jan. 3 N315 Xixi Cao -
Functionally recurrent rearrangements of the MAST kinase and Notch gene families in breast cancer. Nature Medicine 2011. 17:1646-1651.
Xiaosong Wang
Jan. 17 N315 Cancelled due to Think Tank
Feb. 7 N315 Kim Holloway
Histone demethylase JMJD2B coordinates H3K4/H3K9methylation and promotes hormonally responsive breast carcinogenesis. PNAS 2011. 108(18): 7541-7546.
Yi Li
Feb. 21 N315 Natalie Fernandez
Pericyte Depletion Results in Hypoxia-Associated Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis mediated by Met Signaling Pathway. Cancer Cell 2012. 21:66-81.
Suzanne Fuqua
March 6 N317 Wei Wei A mammary stem cell population identified and characterized in late embryogenesis reveals similarities to human breast cancer. Cell Stem Cell 2012. 10(2):183-97. Michael Lewis
March 20 N317 Liguo Wang
Comprehensive genome-wide protein-DNA interactions detected at single-nucleotide resolution. Cell 2011. 147(6): 1408-1419.
Wei Li (DLDCC)
April 17 N317 Cuijuan Yu
Slug and Sox9 Cooperatively Determine the Mammary Stem Cell State. Cell 2012. 148: 1015-1028.
Xiang Zhang
May 1 N317 Vidya Sinha
Tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 promotes breast cancer progression and maintains tumor-initiating cells via activation of key transcription factors and a positive feedback signaling loop. Nature Medicine 2011. 18: 529-537.
Yi Li
May 15 N317 Andrew Ciupek
Stromal ER-alpha promotes tumor growth by normalizing an increased angiogenesis. Cancer Res. 2012. 72(12): 3010-3019.
Suzanne Fuqua
Summer Break
Sept. 18 M321 Toyin Babarinde
Identification of human triple-negative
breast cancer subtypes and preclinical
models for selection of targeted therapies. J Clin Invest. 2011; 121(7): 2750-2767.
Suzanne Fuqua
Oct. 2 M423 Sarah Hein
Comprehensive molecular portraits of
human breast tumours. Nature 2012.
Yi Li
Oct. 16 M423 Atreyi Dasgupta
p53 -Mediated Senescence Impairs the Apoptotic Response to Chemotherapy and Clinical Outcome in Breast Cancer. Cancer Cell 2012. 21(6): 793-806
Xiaosong Wang
Oct. 30 N315 Teresa Monkkonen
Activation of Robo1 Signaling of Breast Cancer Cells by Slit2 from Stromal Fibroblast Restrains Tumorigenesis via Blocking PI3K/Akt/ beta-Catenin Pathway. Cancer Res. 2012; 72(18):4652-4661.
Michael Lewis
Nov. 13 No Meeting Cancelled due to DLDCC Symposium
Nov. 20 N315 Sabrina Herrera Prognostic value of proliferation assay in the luminal, HER2 positive and triple negative biological classes of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research 2012. Carolina Gutierrez
Dec. 4 No Meeting Cancelled due to SABCS
Dec.18 No Meeting Cancelled due to upcoming Holidays

2013 Journal Club Schedule

Coordinator: Janice Lemmon

Meeting Notes:

Please select key recent papers, mostly those with high relevance to various research fields in cancer and specifically breast cancer. Try to be broad in selecting the papers; it is highly recommended that you do not choose papers with a very close insight to your own direct project. Please consider this point when you select your manuscript and get your mentor’s approval. If you feel that you need my help in selecting a paper, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rachel Schiff.

This seminar series is also designed to give an opportunity to the trainee to deliver a formal presentation that includes introduction to the topic and a clear presentation of the results, and to lead a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. Finally, it is important that all attendees read the paper before the presentation to allow a fruitful discussion.

Two weeks before your day to present: Submit a pdf of the manuscript to Janice Lemmon

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