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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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2011 Breast Center R&D Workshop

Meetings are at Noon with pizza
Date Location Speaker Lab

Jan. 11


Xiaoyong Fu presents:

Crosstalk between ER and PI3K signaling pathways in human luminal type breast cancer and its therapeutic implications

Osborne/Schiff Lab

Jan. 25


Evelin Young presents:

Identifying regulators of Ras trafficking and compartmentalized signaling in fission yeast

Eric Chang Lab

Feb. 8


Kyle Covington:

Red-R: A better life through interactive data exploration and analysis

Suzanne Fuqua Lab

Feb. 22


Hugo Villaneuva

Smoothened function as a G-protein couples receptor in mammary epithelial cells

Michael Lewis Lab

March 22


Adam Potter

FOXA1 is a Key Mediator of IGF-I Biology in Breast Cancer Cells

Adrian Lee Lab

April 12


Natalie Fernandez

The Role of estrogen in the metastatic process

Suzanne Fuqua Lab

May 24


Yassine Rechoum

Suzanne Fuqua Lab

Summer Break

Sep 27 M321

Svasti Haricharan

Pregnancy stimulates breast cancer by activating Jak2/STAT5-mediated survival

Yi Li Lab
Oct 11 M321

Lauren Brusco

Loss of Rho GDI alpha leads to tamoxifen reistance and enhanced metastatic potential through increased sensitivity to growth factor signaling.

Suzanne Fuqua Lab
Oct 25 M321

Homer Adams

Unmasking stem/progenitor cell properties of the mammary gland.

Mike Lewis Lab
Nov 8 M321

Andrew Ciupek

Does the Androgen Receptor Play a Role in Hormone Resistance or Metastasis of ERα+ Breast Cancer?

Suzanne Fuqua Lab
Nov 22 M321

Jie Dong

Gpr48 regulates mammary gland development and stem/progenitor cells by activating Sox2

Yi Li Lab
Dec 13 M321 Ze-Yi Zhang Eric Chang Lab

Send your presentation title to Robin Sample two weeks prior to your scheduled date to speak. E-mail your presentations to Robin Sample.

Speakers are responsible for resolving scheduling conflicts or finding replacement speakers in the event they are unable to present on the scheduled date.

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