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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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Links for Patients

Smith Breast Center at Baylor College of Medicine - A good place to start an internet search on cancer
National Breast Cancer Coalition
Cancer Genetics
Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
International Database of Clinical Trials - articles, research, and booklists about breast cancer - telephone support, articles, and clinical trial updates - patient support resources
Fertile Hope
Young Survival Coalition
Reach to Recovery
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer NCCN Guidelines for Patients


A Woman's Decision: Breast Care, Treatment, & Reconstruction, K. Berger & J. Bostwick, M.D.
Diseases of the Breast, Third Edition, Jay R. Harris, Marc E. Lippman, Monica Morrow, C. Kent Osborne
Dr. Susan Love's Breast Cancer Book, Susan M Love, M.D.
Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book, Susan M. Love, M.D.
Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. and Ellen Weiss
The Race is Run One Step at a Time, Nancy G. Brinker

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