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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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Where to Call to Schedule Your Tests or Procedures

You must have your physician's order in hand when scheduling your appointments and you must bring your order with you to your appointment.

The Smith Breast Care Center staff will assist you with scheduling your mammogram with Baylor Diagnostic Services at the Baylor Clinic. If your mammogram appointment is scheduled and you need to cancel, please contact Diagnostic Services at the number listed below.

Scheduling routine or standard tests and procedures is the responsibility of the patient. We have provided you with the information below to assist you with scheduling your test(s)/procedures(s). Please note that you are not required to have your test(s)/procedure(s) at one of these locations. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier prior to making an appointment for a list of contracted facilities to ensure that services are paid for by your insurance provider.

Baylor Clinic

  1. If you are having an ECHO or MUGA, please call the Baylor Heart Clinic at the number listed below to schedule your appointment well in advance.
    Baylor Heart Clinic: 713-798-2545, option 2
  2. All other diagnostic services with the exception of PET Scans can be scheduled with the Baylor Diagnostic Services Dept. Please call in advance to schedule your appointment.
    Baylor Diagnostic Services: 713-798-2300.

The Methodist Hospital

  1. Please call The Methodist Hospital’s (TMH) Central Scheduling Dept well in advance to schedule/ reschedule your test(s)/procedures(s).
  2. Once you have scheduled your appointment you MUST register prior to arriving for you appointment. If you do not register, your test(s)/procedure(s) may have to be rescheduled. You can register by calling TMH Registration desk.
    TMH Central Scheduling: 713-394-6500 (please listen for your option)
    TMH Registration: 713-394-6805

St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital

  1. To schedule a mammogram, outpatient test or procedure, please call St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Call Center.
    St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Call Center: 832-355-0000, option 2, option 2 again,
    then option 1 – to schedule an appointment or option 2 – to cancel an appointment

River Oaks Imaging

  1. The Breast Care Center staff will fax your order to Rivers Oaks Imaging.
  2. River Oaks Imaging will contact you to schedule your appointment.
    River Oaks Imaging: 713-512-6040

The Breast Care Center staff would appreciate you contacting your care coordinator with the scheduled date/time of your appointment.

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