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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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Suzanne A. W. Fuqua, Ph.D. - Publications


Member of the Editorial Academy of The International Journal of Oncology. [PDF]

Representative Publications

Herynk, M.H., Parra, I., Cui, Y., Beyer, A., Wu, M-F, Hilsenbeck, S.G., and Fuqua, S.A.W.: Association between the estrogen receptor a A908G mutation and outcomes in invasive breast cancer. Clinical Can Res, 13: 2007, 3225-3243. [PDF]

Dahlman-Wright, K., Cavailles, V., Fuqua, SAW, Jordan, VC., Katzenellenbogen, JA., Korach, KS., Maggi, A., Muramatsu, M., Parker, MG., Gustafsson JA. International Union of Pharmacology. LXIV. Estrogen receptors. Pharmacol Rev., 58(4):773-8, 2006 [PDF]

Herynk, MH., Beyer, AR., Cui, Y., Weiss, H., Anderson, E., Green, TP., and Fuqua, SAW. Cooperative action of tamoxifen and c-Src inhibition in preventing the growth of estrogen receptor–positive human breast cancer cells. Mol Cancer Ther 2006 5: 3023-3031 [PDF]

Ramos, CA, Bowman TA, Boles, NC, Merchant AA, Zheng, Y, Parra Y, Fuqua, SAW, Shaw, CA, and Goodell, MA: Evidence for Diversity In Transcriptional Profiles of Single Hematopoietic Stem Cells, PLOS Genetics, 2:1487-1499, 2006. [PDF]

Cui, Y., Niu, A., Pestell, R., Kumar, R., Curran, E.M., Liu Y, and Fuqua S.A.W.: Metastasis-Associated Protein 2 Is a Repressor of Estrogen Receptor Whose Overexpression Leads to Estrogen-Independent Growth of Human Breast Cancer Cells, Mol. Endocrinol., 20:2020-2035, 2006. [PDF]

Cui, Y., Parra, I., Zhang, M., Hilsenbeck, S.G., Tsimelzon, A., Furukawa, T., Horii, A., Zhang, Z., Nicholson, R.I., and Fuqua, S.A.W.: Elevated Expression of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase 3 in Breast Tumors: A Mechanism of Tamoxifen Resistance, Cancer Res. 66:5950-5959, 2006. [PDF]

Fuqua, S.A.W., Cui, Y., Lee, A.V., Osborne, C.K., and Horwitz, K.R.: Insights into the role of progesterone receptors in breast cancer, J Clin Onco, 23:931-932, 2005. [PDF]

Cui, Y., Zhang, M., Pestell, R., Curran, E.M., Welshons, W.V., and Fuqua, SAW Phosphorylation of estrogen receptor α blocks its acetylation and regulates estrogen sensitivity, Can Res, 64:9199-9208, 2004 [PDF]

Herynk, M.H., and Fuqua, S.A.W.: Estrogen Receptors in Resistance to Hormone Therapy. In: Breast Cancer Chemosensitivity, ed. Yu, D., Springer Science Publisher, 2005. [Abstract ]

Herynk, MH and Fuqua, SAW. Estrogen Receptor Mutations in Human Disease, Endocrine Reviews, 10.1210/er.2003-0010. [PDF]

Fuqua, S.A.W. and Cui Y. Mechanisms of resistance to hormone therapy. “Breast Cancer Management in the Era of Molecular Medicine—Towards Tailored Approaches, ” edited by Martine Piccart, William Wood, Mien-Chie Hung, Lawrence Solin, and Fatima Cardoso, in press.

Hopp, TA, Weiss, HL, Parra, I, Cui, Y, Osborne, C K, and Fuqua, SA.W. Low levels of estrogen receptor beta protein predicts resistance to tamoxifen therapy in breast cancer, Clinical Cancer Research, 2004 10: 7490-7499. [PDF]

Hopp, T. A, Weiss, H. L., Hilsenbeck, S. G., Allred, D. C., Horwitz, K. B., and Fuqua, S.A.W. Breast cancer patients with progesterone receptor A-rich tumors have poorer disease-free survival rates, Clinical Cancer Research, 10:2751-2760, 2004. [PDF]

Fuqua, S.A.W., Schiff, R, Parra, I., Moore, J. T., Mohsin, S. K., Osborne, C. K., Clark, G. M., Allred, D. C. Estrogen receptor beta protein in human breast cancer: Correlation with clinical tumor parameters, Cancer Research, 63:2434-2439, 2003. [PDF]

Fuqua, S.A.W. The role of estrogen receptors in breast cancer metastasis. Journal Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia, 6:407, 2001. [Text]

Wang, C., Fu, M., Angeletti, R.H., Siconolfi-Baez, L., Reutens, A.T., Albanese, C., Lisanti, M.P., Katzenellenbogen, B.S., Kato, S., Hopp, T., Fuqua, S.A.W., Lopez, G.N., Kushner, P.J., and Pestell, R.G. Direct acetylation of the estrogen receptor α hinge region by p300 regulates transactivation and hormone sensitivity. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 276:18375-18383, 2001. [PDF]

Su, J.L., McKee, D.D., Ellis, B., Kadwell, S.H., Wisely, G.B., Moore, L.B., Triantafillou, J.A., Kost, T.A., Fuqua, S., and Moore, J.T. Production and characterization of an estrogen receptor beta subtype-specific mouse monoclonal antibody. Hybridoma, 19:481-487, 2000.

Fuqua, S.A.W., Wiltschke, C., Zhang, Q.X., Borg, Å., Castles, C.G., Friedrichs, W.E., Hopp, T., Hilsenbeck, S., Mohsin, S., O'Connell, P., and Allred, D.C. A hypersensitive estrogen receptor alpha mutation in premalignant breast hyperplasias. Cancer Research, 60:4026-4029, 2000. [PDF]

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