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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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Gary Chamness, Ph.D. - Biography

Professor of Medicine

Gary Chamness, Ph.D.Phone: 713-798-1643
Fax: 713-798-1642


Gary Chamness, Ph.D. came to the Baylor Breast Center at its opening in 1999. He had been an integral member of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Group for more than 25 years, serving as its medical editor as well as carrying out his own research on estrogen receptor ligands and breast cancer prognostic factors, and running Protein and Receptor core laboratories. He played a pivotal administrative role in the oversight and organization of the San Antonio breast cancer research program, including the SPORE grant and the Program Project. As a superbly talented grant and manuscript writer, his expertise has been widely recognized in invitations to run grant-writing workshops both locally and at national and international meetings.

Dr. Chamness has been an author of more than 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts published or in press. He was an Editor of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment for 19 years, and is now co-editor of the Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia. He previously served on the NIH Pathology B Study Section, and now reviews regularly for the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program.

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