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Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Houston, Texas

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center's mission is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
Lester & Sue Smith Breast Center
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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is the largest annual symposium in the world devoted to breast cancer research and physician education. The meeting now attracts more than 6,000 physicians and scientists from more than 80 countries around the world.

Breast Center faculty helped to establish the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium which held its first meeting in 1978. Dr. Osborne, director of the Breast Center, is co-director of this symposium, and Dr. Gary Chamness is responsible for arranging the scientific agenda. Faculty in the Breast Center comprise the Executive Committee which is charged with selecting the plenary speakers and planning the mini-symposia topics. The overall program committee includes the executive committee, as well as 20 other researchers at institutions around the country. This meeting is now considered the premiere venue to present new important discoveries from laboratory and clinical research.

More information on the symposium.

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