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Center for AIDS Research

Houston, Texas

BCM has 25 departments and more than 90 research and patient-care centers.
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
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Core Facilities - Developmental

The purpose of the Developmental Core is to foster the development of HIV/AIDS-related research at Baylor and UTHouston through investigator-initiated pilot project awards. The projects are rigorously peer-reviewed. The 2013 Developmental Funds Announcement has been released.

The core also supports a new Scientific Program on the topic of "HIV-Associated Malignancies" in collaboration with the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine. Information on this new program will be disseminated by email to CFAR members.

Contact the Core Directors

Janet S. Butel, Ph.D.
Tel: 713-798-3003
Fax: 713-798-5019

Associate Director
Jagannadha Sastry, Ph.D.
Core Associate Director

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