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Center for AIDS Research

Houston, Texas

BCM has 25 departments and more than 90 research and patient-care centers.
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
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Core Facilities

The Center for AIDS Research helps researchers by organizing core facilities that provide expert services, assays, and advice that are not readily available. There are currently eight cores.

  1. The Administrative Core provides strategic planning and support for CFAR activities and programs.
  2. The Developmental Core funds pilot projects to help new investigators enter the HIV field, as well as collaborative research proposals involving experienced investigators.
  3. The Immunology Core provides flow cytometric expertise and services as well as immunological assays.
  4. The Virology Core provides comprehensive virologic tests and services relevant to HIV research.
  5. The Clinical Research Core facilitates investigations of HIV infection and disease pathogenesis that require the use of human specimens.
  6. The Design and Analysis Core provides study design, data management, and statistical analysis assistance and services.
  7. The Behavioral Sciences Core facilitates behavioral science research in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
  8. The International Research Core assists with collaborative projects at international institutions.

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