Advanced Core Labs


The Advanced Technology Core Lab newsletters highlight new services and technologies available in existing cores and announces new cores as they become operational. As an ongoing source of information for cores, the newsletter provides a calendar of activities associated with ATCs such as workshops, training tutorials and courses, seminars and open houses.


June 2014: Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core, Cell-Based Assay Screening Service
February 2014: Monoclonal Antibody/Recombinant Protein Expression Core


December 2013: MHC Tetramer Core, Antibody–Based Proteomics Core
November 2013
: RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) Core, G.A.R.P. (Genomic and RNA Profiling Core)
October 2013
Gene Vector Core, Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Facility, Integrated Microscopy Core
September 2013 : Mass Spectrometry-Proteomics, C-BASS, OIVM
August 2013
: Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core
June 2013: Integrated Microscopy Core (IMC)
May 2013: Genomic and RNA Profiling Core, Genome-wide shRNA Screening Core (C-BASS)
April 2013: The Mouse Phenotyping Core, The DNA Sequencing and cDNA Library Core
March 2013: Mouse Metabolic Research Unit, Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology
February 2013: Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core, Genomic and RNA Profiling Core, Bioinformatics Research Laboratory Core
January 2013: Monoclonal Antibody/Recombinant Protein Expression Core, MHC Tetramer Core, Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology Core


December 2012: Genetically Engineered Mouse Core, Integrated Microscopy Core
November 2012: Population Sciences Biorepository, Protein and Antibody Array Proteomics, RNA in situ Hybridization
October 2012: Mouse Phenotyping Core, the Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology Core and the Genome-wide ShRNA Screening Core
September 2012: Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core, Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy Core, Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core

ACT Cores Catalogue

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