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Vector Development Laboratory

Houston, Texas

Vector Development Laboratory
CAGT Vector Development Laboratory, Baylor College of Medicine
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VDL Catalog & Ordering

Check out our new Vector Development Lab Catalog and Service Request Forms. In the Catalog, you will find a brief description of all services provided by the VDL. Additionally, we have included technical information on all adenoviral vectors sold by the single vial.

Ordering - Service Request Forms

Our service request form can be filled out electronically and emailed directly to to provide fast and easy service to our customers. Also, save a copy for your billing information. However, we do not bill until completion of all services.


All vectors are shipped via Federal Express, Priority Overnight Delivery. Vectors are packed on dry ice and shipped with a packing slip and vector technical information. Invoices are mailed separately however if you need an invoice mailed with the vector, indicate this on the Service Request Form.

International shipments are also sent via Federal Express, Priority Overnight Delivery, although next day delivery is not guaranteed. Vector are packed with extra dry ice. For international shipments, we ask that the investigator provides us with all documentation necessary to import the vectors into their respective country. The need for forms and the specific forms required varies from country to country so please check with FedEX International to find the forms necessary for your country.

We also highly recommend World Courier for international shipments. The charge is considerably more expensive than FedEx but the packages are hand carried along with all essential customs paperwork to ensure the virus remains on dry ice and is delivered promptly. These services are not guaranteed by FedEx.

All packages are insured and the cost of insurance is added to the bill. The cost in nominal.

All plasmids are shipped via Federal Express, Priority Overnight Delivery. The are shipped at room temperature.

If you have any questions about shipping please do not hesitate to contact us at 713-798-1238 or by e-mail at

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