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Vector Development Laboratory

Houston, Texas

Vector Development Laboratory
CAGT Vector Development Laboratory, Baylor College of Medicine
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Adenoviral Vectors Guarantees

We guarantee that we will produce at least 8x1012 particles of your vector or we will remake the vector for free. Production of high titer adenoviral vectors has been optimized in the VDL. Yields range from 8x1012 particles to 2x1013 particles.

However, expression of the transgene during virus amplification may hinder replication or be toxic to cells and reduce this yield, and under these circumstances we do not guarantee this titer. If your gene is toxic we can devise a strategy to attenuate expression during expansion by using a tet-inducible system.

We guarantee all custom-made viruses will be free of replication competent adenovirus (RCA) or we will remake the vector for free.

We guarantee all large-scale expansion of adenoviral vectors will be free of RCA or we will remake the vector for free.

However, if the starting material is found to contain RCA, we do not guarantee the final prep will be free of RCA. We will work with you to devise a strategy to produce an adenoviral vector containing your transgene so that it will be RCA negative.

To request an Adenovirus service, visit our Initiate Adenovirus Service page or fill out and e-mail your Service Request Form to or fax the form to us at 713-798-1230.

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