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Houston, Texas

BCM is a research-intensive medical center dedicated to a rapid pace of discovery and its equally rapid translation to patient care.
Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility
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Please note that effective Feb. 1, 2010 the Mouse ES Cell Core will begin tiered pricing for external and internal users. In order to recover our indirect costs, we will begin charging an extra 20% to users outside Baylor College of Medicine. Below is a table with our new fee schedule.

Service Description Cost Internal
Cost External
Electroporation Insertion of a single construct into one cell line. The core will pick a minimum of 200 and maximum of 300 colonies for one electroporation. $3,300 $5,115
ROSA Targeting Insertion of a single ROSA construct into one cell line. The core will pick a total of 24 colonies. $500 $775
Clone Expansion After Mini Southern confirmation data is gathered by investigators the core will expand positives clones from one well of a 96 well plate to one 100 mm plate and freeze two vials for LN2 long term storage. $120/per clone $186/per clone
Generation of Primary Mouse ES Cell Lines Generation of a total of three independent mouse ES cell lines from three independent embryos. Investigators will provide plugged females to the core. $3,000 N/A