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Houston, Texas

A view of cells
Integrated Microscopy Core, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
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IC-100 Image Cytometer

IC100(2)The Vala Sciences (formerly Beckman) IC-100 High Content Imaging System is capable of Z-sectioning and 3D reconstruction, capturing time series for following cellular events, and determining co-localization of multiple proteins and/or dyes.

Key features include:

  • Feedback controlled mercury arc lamp
  • Sadat 4-color filter set
  • 10X Plan-Neo/0.3 NA
  • 20X Plan-Apo/0.75 NA
  • 40X Plan-Neo/0.9 NA
  • 40X Plan-Apo/0.95 NA
Based on Nikon TI-2000 microscope
  • Accepts standard microscope slides and 96/384-well plates (use optical bottom/glass equivalent to 170 microns, 1.5 oz coverslips)


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