Where is the core located? 
The Integrated Microscopy Core is located inside the Advanced Technology Core Suite 112A, in the south wing of the Roy and Lillie Cullen Building. If you are a non-Baylor client, please bring a picture ID and present it to the Security Officer at the main Baylor entrance. The Integrated Microscopy Core will be to the right as you look from the Security desk down the corridor. Security can direct you if you are still unsure of our location.

How do I access the equipment in the IMC? 
All new users must meet with Dr. Mancini or Dr. Stossi in order to describe their prospective project and the depth of their microscopy experience. The next step is either setting up training sessions, or scheduling time for assisted use on the instruments.

How do I schedule for training on a new instrument/refresher session? 
After meeting with Dr. Mancini and/or Dr. Stossi, the core will set up the training on the instrument with you. Tutorials are scheduled Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Any user that has not used an instrument in the previous 6 months will need to go through a refresher training session before use.

How do I schedule use of a particular microscope?
After demonstrating proficiency in the use of the microscope, you will be given access to the iLab Scheduler and may reserve equipment on your own. Special circumstances can be discussed and work-arounds are possible for live or timed experiments.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment? 
You must contact the Integrated Microscopy Core by e-mail or phone. Users are not allowed to cancel or edit equipment reservations. To avoid being charged, you must cancel or reschedule during business hours 4 hours preceding your appointment. If you do not cancel and cannot make the appointment, you may have someone else in your lab take your time slot on the instrument. If you do not notify us of a cancellation in a timely manner, you will be charged for the appointment time.

Can I use the microscopes after hours and on weekends? 
Only pre-approved Baylor clients who are able to demonstrate complete independence on an instrument are allowed access to the facilities during off-peak hours (before 8:30 a.m; after 6 p.m; weekends).

How do I move my files? 
The IMC policy is that all files are to be removed from the computer at the end of your scoping session. There are a number of options, depending on the size of your data set. We provide access to a shared network drive as a convenience for users to temporarily store data until it can be saved to the user's preferred storage location. Portable hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs are all viable options. If your department has a shared network drive, you may be able to access this resource. Ask for IT support.