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Houston, Texas

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Integrated Microscopy Core, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
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Pipeline Pilot Scheduling Calendar

Registered Users: to reach the PLP Calendar please use this PLP calendar link.

NOTES: Some Users may have difficulty accessing the scheduling calendar depending on your security settings.

  • If you are using iExplorer as your web browser, you may get a message that calls the web certificate into question. Click on Continue to this web site and you will have access to the calendar(s). This will not harm your computer.
  • If you are using Firefox as your web browser, please disable the NoScript add-on in order to visit the scheduling calendar.
  • To access the system from home or anywhere outside of the BCM network, you must first establish a VPN connection.

New Users: Go to the New Users page and complete an Investigator-Project Profile form in order to access training sessions and equipment.

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